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 AV Productions - Terrified

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PostSubject: AV Productions - Terrified   Wed May 30, 2012 9:06 pm

Axle Valentino is being followed by an official WEW camera man in the city where the first Overdrive event is being held. He stops & talks to random strangers & hands out a flier to each and every one of them and then walks off with a smile. He then walks over to a bench & takes a seat next to a man eating a big greasy burger. He looks at the man with a displeased look but simply shakes it off before looking back at the camera with a smirk...

Axle Valentino - Such a wonderful city right? Look at all these skyscrapers, these unique individuals, the amazing fat packed burgers, everything is so great I tell you! You know, I've been walking around pretty much all day, handing out these fliers looking for my opponent this up and coming Saturday. It seems like the kid is pretty frightened to stand up for himself, but hey, not everybody can be as strong minded as myself I suppose. Mike Cole should worry about the sake of his career, he doesn't want anything else tarnishing the already gruesome name he has built up for himself in his short lackluster career. This opportunity that has been placed in front of me is way too precious for me to waste & it sickens me how he is treating it. Mike Cole hasn't earned anything in any wrestling company that he has been in, matter of fact Mike Cole is soley known for being this loudmouth but it seems when he has some actual competition in front of him hes silent as a mouse. What I don't understand is how can somebody with such a big ego be such a misfire? Your words are supposed to be powerful & credible, but instead it is the same constant dullness. I know what I'm capable of doing with my words. My words can harm my opponent before we even get 5 feet away from each other, my words can damage your very well being & that is what makes this so damn entertaining for me, you understand? Mike seems to have fallen victim to my to my lingo & I guess all I have to do on Overdrive is throw away the scraps, if you can even consider him that.

In my head I already have all the opponents in this tournament beaten. I can trust my skills enough to know that the people who are gathered in this competition just aren't ready to be the pioneer of this beautiful company. I have all the qualifications of a champion & I'll make it my job to make this company the best product that has ever been produced on television. The people I handed out fliers to are probably going out of their precious time, helping me look for my opponent just because of my pure charm, proving that the people surely do appreciate them some Axle Valentino no matter how cruel I can be.

Axle looks over towards the man gobbling down the greasy burger, then the man pauses for a second and looks at Axle in confusion. Axle then hands one of the fliers over to man & the man takes a look at the flier. The man looks back up at Axle and nods his head in honor and rushes off to search for Mike Cole! Axle turns back around with a grin...

Axle Valentino -
You see? I'm more influential than Jenny Craig! Folks, you don't gotta like me, but you must admit that this man can bring in a lot of popularity into Warfare Entertainment Wrestling. These other uninteresting characters just don't compare...With that being said I want you all to search for the man by the name of Mike Cole...It could change your life forever & it could save him a less brutal defeat...You can convey me at a later time, but for now I'm gone..Keep it groovy.

Axle Valentino lays one of the fliers on the bench as he walks off and the camera zooms into it as it fades to black...


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AV Productions - Terrified
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