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 AV Productions - Preach..

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PostSubject: AV Productions - Preach..   Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:04 am

The scene fades into the night sky...We're in front of a pretty slow running bar in San Jose, California. Axle Valentino is sitting on the hood of his muscle car with his leather jacket on. He looks pretty satisfied as you can see a slight grin across his face. He has a beer in his hand and he takes a sip before taking the time to speak...

Axle Valentino - Well what can I tell you? Saturday Night Overdrive was a successful night for Axle Valentino. Mike Cole has no reason to prance around with his same old cringe worthy phrases because I was capable of shutting him up for the three count. To put the cherry on top of all of that, that one blonde kid came storming down to the ring, picking up my scraps and pretty much annihilated what was left of Michael. God bless his soul, but hey it is a dog eat dog world and that is exactly what Mike Cole gets for running his mouth. Mike Cole took me as another normal competitor that he THOUGHT he would trump but the Voltage Kick says other wise. I'm leaving the trash in the dirt and it is now time for me to move on to bigger and better things.

I have advanced in the World Championship Tournament and I couldn't get any happier with the two people who advanced with me. You may wonder why I'm pleased with the two individuals I'm facing but I have the slight advantage no matter what these guys decide to do. I'm facing off against The Dark Angel & Cole Scorpio the group formerly known as H-E-E-L. Now, I know in their mind something clicked when they came to the realization that they advanced along with each other. They would either continue to show hatred towards each other, or they would reunite so they can finally get their oh so precious title match against each other. To be honest whatever they decide to do they're weak minded people in this match. They won't be entering this match with the same mindset as they entered their first round matches with. They have nothing on me, they can't trash talk me, they can attempt to compliment me on my victory but knowing the reputation of Mike Cole, they would simply say I had it "easy". Right. Anyways, I'm prepared to see what Cole Scorpio has to say about this since The Dark Angel has never really been that stable with his thoughts. The thing with Cole I know he will probably go at all cost to advance on in this match and aligning himself with the man who pretty much cursed him is a big possibility. If he does just so happen to do so maybe I'll give a call to his buddy Terry Kowalski since he had him on a leash the last time he decided to go under The Dark Angels wing.

Axle Valentino gulps down some more of the beer and places it onto the hood...

Axle Valentino - I've never been the one to be controlled by another man other than god, but it seems like my two opponents have set lower standards for themselves. They praised each other like deity's of their own kind but as we can see that all crumbled once they got a little bit of pressure put on their belt. They can claim to be different people, or they have had this magical "rebirth" but that doesn't alarm me enough to stop going for what will be mine, World Championship gold. You know, I watched closely on these tournament matches and I got some mixed feelings on how my opponents handled themselves. Cole Scorpio for starters got broken down by a man who is practically a baby to the ring. What makes you think he'll be able to get the better of me or The Dark Angel? If anything he got lucky with his last bursts of electricity in the final moments of his match. I'm experienced in the wrestling ring, it is my residence, if you honestly think a simple second wind of athleticism is going to put me away, hell even make me tap out then you'll be in a world of worry. As for The Dark Angel you did a pretty impressive showing, I must admit, I give props where it is deserved. But what makes me think that you're any better than what I've seen in the past. Have you really evolved from your previous state or is this spiritual "rebirth" back into the game really just all talk? What I've learned since coming into the wrestling game is that the people who resort to these "extreme" ways are usually the most helpless. You resort to your intense ways to strike fear into the heart of your future opponents and I've been in too many bouts to fall victim to the tactic. Tough luck... This tournament is being graced by my presence, I'm the one who makes it look legit. The only thing I must do next week is to get rid of the weakest unit of the group formerly known as H-E-E-L. Am I afraid of what's to come? What's there to be horror struck about...?

I'm waiting..

Axle Valentino grabs the beer and throws it out of sight. You can hear the glass shatter in the background as Axle Valentino makes his way over to the door of the car. He gets and and starts up the roaring engine and then pulls off...


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AV Productions - Preach..
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