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 AV Productions - Realizations

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PostSubject: AV Productions - Realizations   Thu May 31, 2012 10:05 pm

Axle Valentino is inside of his locker room, sitting down on a bench looking towards the ground with a slight smile. He then takes a deep breath & begins talking without looking at the camera...

What is Mike Cole? The best wrestler in the world, or simply the best deceiver we have on the roster? I don't even know if I can call him the best deceiver, everybody can see right through the nonsense that just spews out of his unintelligent mouth. The funniest thing about Mike Cole is that he probably actually believes that he is superior to the rest of us. What makes you a believable champion Mike? The fact that you were capable of holding the AWO tag team championships for not even 3 weeks? The fact that you never even won those titles in the first place...they were handed to you, remember? I guess those are great qualifications for our first World Heavyweight Champion in your eyes, hell, if the owner of this company thought like you, you would have the WHC tossed straight to you huh? Destiny is something that has a predetermined cause, what makes you the "destined" man in the first place? What is your cause? What have you done that has lead you to this destiny? Nothing Mike, you've been riding that Alex Jester train almost ever since you've came around these group of wrestlers & to be honest you haven't done shit since.

You try your hardest to keep your name relevant & it is fun to watch you just say cliche line after cliche line while doing it. When we square off in the ring you'll experience what a true champion in the making looks like, you'll realize that your skills just don't compare to what I have, you'll sleep in the middle of the ring, dreaming to be the man that I am. But don't get too down on yourself Mike, at the end of the day you'll be a better man. You might learn a thing from me & this could throw you into super-stardom quicker than you know it. You'll learn to appreciate the words of Axle Valentino, you'll learn that I'm a great man to look up to...I mean I'm already the most stacked man on this roster, and I'll win this tournament without breaking a sweat for sure. With that being said, soak in the words Mike, I won't speak to you anymore, either keep your slow witted ways or smarten up. The choice is yours, a destiny sentenced on yourself will only take you so far.


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AV Productions - Realizations
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