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 AV Productions - Rot

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PostSubject: AV Productions - Rot   Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:37 pm

The scene opens up with a tour bus blazing down the lanes of an interstate. The tour bus is hot pink & black and the side of it reads of "The Hornet" in all white letters. The tour bus glows in the California sun and you can tell exactly who owns it. The camera now fades inside of the lavish tour bus, revealing Axle Valentino sitting down on a leather couch with some of his staff scattered about. He is looking down at his iPhone and it appears he is watching something.. He finishes up watching the video and throws the iPhone to the side and he takes a peep out the window, yawning....and then speaking..

Axle Valentino -
I was expecting a lot more from my opponents but instead I got a typical dreamer speech from Cole Scorpio & well the same old melodramatic bullshit from The Dark Angel. What did I tell everybody though? I told you all that they would get all buddy buddy with each other once more so that they can have their cute dream match at the first Pay Per View. If there was really any hostility between the both of you, I wouldn't be in the situation where I have to erupt the match you want oh so dearly. All of this is an act, I wouldn't be surprised if you both shared Lust as your personal hussy. I could care less about what you want to see, I'm here to satisfy myself and if I'm the troublemaker in all of this, so be it.

The Dark Angel is the perfect example of a spineless wrestler, but at the same time he has enough power to influence Cole Scorpio each and every time. Cole Scorpio claimed to be possessed by the control of The Dark Angel, turning him into devil. But wait...When he finally "got back to normal", just a few months later he aligns himself with the man who made him something he despises so much? What sense does that make Cole? You will go against the being of your spirit just to get one chance at trumping The Dark Angel? How can you trust the man who turned you into a monster? How can your buddy Terry Kowalski look you in the eyes like you're a man? You're nothing more than influenced by the greed & desire of what you THINK might come and that will be your downfall coming Saturday my friend.

I refuse to be put to death by the two biggest paradoxes we have in Warfare Entertainment Wrestling. Every single word that spews out of the both of your mouths are no longer important in my head because you're both full of meaninglessness. My dreams are going to be made a reality, not a couple months from now, not a year from now, but very very soon and I'll do it by outlasting every single human being who has entered this damn tournament! You want to gang up on me like panicked bitches you are?! It is a WAR...I'M READY FOR WHATEVER YOU BOTH HAVE TO BRING TO THE TABLE AND I'M SLAUGHTERING IT...

Axle Valentino grows enraged and begins to sit at the front of the couch, staring coldly into the camera...

From this time on and until I win the WEW Championship I will haunt the both of you like the lung damage Cole Scorpio will receive if he inhales the cigar smoke. I don't respect the bounty put on my head and I promise to god you both will feel my rage coming Saturday. You both have dug your burial grounds and I'm the mortician laying you to rot.

Axle Valentino slaps the camera down & it statics....


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AV Productions - Rot
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