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 AV Productions - Conquer

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PostSubject: AV Productions - Conquer   Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:56 pm

The scene fades into a parking lot of the local Golds Gym located in San Fransisco, the host of Saturday Night Overdrive this week. It shows people walking in and out of the gym at a fast rate & then we see Axle Valentino making his way through the doors with his sunshades & a smile on his face. He has his work out gear on as he approaches the camera...

Axle Valentino -
Welcome back viewers of WEW, I am of course, the stunning, Axle Valentino. Number one contender of the WEW Championship by the way, just saying. Now, earlier before I decided to bulk up before my match tomorrow, I figured I'd take a look at what my opponents have had to say. It was rumored that they would indeed meet up, face to face to discuss their grand plan of overcoming me since they build me up as some type of immortal figure so to say. They pretty much admitted defeat if this were just a straight up match between one or the other, and well, that puts a hell of a lot more power into my mindset & capability for tomorrow. It seems like my opponents have their priorities all jumbled up & I'm going to make the best out of it. What peeves me the most out of all of this is the lack of response toward myself. It seems like they are so caught up in having their "outstanding" match that they rarely get the thought of mentioning anything I have said. It's like they are ignoring me and well, that could be a point for Axle Valentino.

Why you ask? Because they will walk into this match blind, they didn't have a thought process other than " WE WANT MATCH MATCH MATCH!" & "NO AXLE NO AXLE!"... Well, except for the last minute babble Cole Scorpio did towards me. Thanks for pretty much wasting my time this entire week by feeding me the same old nonsense Coley, appreciate it. How come everybody throws the best in the world title of themselves nowadays? Hell, even my first opponent here in WEW claimed to be the best and I clearly defeated him. Does that make me the best? What if I pin you Cole Scorpio? Does that make me the most extraordinary being to ever grace the planet? My oh my I might not be able to handle these expectations, but I'll gladly deliver the three count to you at the end of the day. I appreciate your aspirations of seeking retribution, but I just can't let it happen yet Cole. The gold is way too important for me to give up just so that I can watch another man step inside of the spotlight I've worked three years for. I was born to be a legend, a phenomenon among people and if I let myself down tomorrow I don't know what I am going to do next.

The battle lines have been drawn and I'm ready for the war I've been placed into. The passion lives in all three of us, but I know that I want it more. You're currently basing your life on vengeance towards another figure, my life is based off the dream of being a champion. I'm not wasting my life on something that YOU want to see, I'm making something out of my life because this is something that I've wanted to happen since I was a child. Your envy towards other people Cole will harm you at the end of the day, The Dark Angel has proven to be a corrupt man, you keep falling back into the trap and when you're back to being a evil spirit, you won't be saved again, blame yourself for what is to come. The Dark Angel has the weakest mind in this match, but he has the power of control. Dark Angel is nothing more than lost when he is on his own, and I'll be the man sending him back to the depths of hell where he belongs. You may align yourself with each other as you please, but in my eyes you both are still nothing more than an image, nothings concrete. The crown has been waiting for its king for a while now and I'm right around the corner from putting on the jeweled symbol of superiority on my head...

Axle Valentino winks at the camera before walking off from its view. He starts up the engine as the camera buzzes out...



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AV Productions - Conquer
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