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 AV Productions - Wake Up & Smell the ---

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PostSubject: AV Productions - Wake Up & Smell the ---   Mon May 28, 2012 9:25 pm

The scene opens to the locker room of Axle Valentino. He just hung up his cell phone and he takes a deep breath before looking into the camera. He stands up and begins to walk out of the locker room, telling the camera man to follow him. He heads down the hall way to take a look at the walls, he stops in front of a poster which reveals Austin Cross. He shakes his head before turning around, facing the camera, and letting out that signature grin..

Axle Valentino - This is what I'd like to call a perfect example of a boneheaded man. Austin Cross had 2 great opportunities placed before him and he did nothing more than let them slip from his hands. How stupid can you get? I was informed that he was terminated from Warfare Entertainment Wrestling & they didn't have a man to face Mike Cole in the World Championship tournament match. I guess the guys came to their senses because the first person they called to replace him was Axle Valentino. I frown upon stupidity, but I'll let Austin Cross slide on this one because this opens up opportunities for me that some wrestlers can't even dream about. I'm on the road to glory, the road to becoming your first ever WEW World Heavyweight Champion, and all I have to do first is take out the glorified bust, Mike Cole.

I've done some study on most of these competitors in WEW before signing on the dotted line, I know what Mike Cole is about. Mike Cole didn't have the most beautiful career in Anarchy Wrestling Organization, Mike Coles only claim to fame was driving the group H-E-E-L down in flames with his mediocrity. He jumps around talking about "I'M BETTER THAN YOU! I'M BETTER THAN YOU!" but I can honestly say I have more talent in my pinky toe than he has in his entire body....No exaggeration. Mike Cole should simply surrender so I don't have to embarrass him in front of the thousands, maybe even millions of fans watching Saturday Night Overdrive. Sure, you can be diabolical at times Mike Cole, but do you honestly think that you have a chance in this tournament? Even in the 1% chance of you beating me, do you actually think you're going to be crowned as the first ever WHC? Come to a realization, lower your standards, come back in a few months and maybe JUST maybe you'll be taken seriously as a championship contender. Everything about me is real, nothing is a gimmick, I go out there and I tear shit up, if you even think about pulling any mischief on me best believe that the Voltage Kick can be right around the corner, you understand me kid? I'm aware of what is at stake, I'm willing to agonize anybody standing in my way, and it isn't a shame that you're the first victim. People should take this match for granted as a warning to what will become of WEW. The king is heading for his throne, and you can already guess who that king is...Axle...Valentino...

Remember the name.


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AV Productions - Wake Up & Smell the ---
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