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 The incarnation of anarchy

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Austin Jacobs
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: The incarnation of anarchy   Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:35 pm

A camera comes on, showing Austin Jacobs sitting in the bed of a pickup, holding a rifle, on the edge of a small town out in the desert. He is taking pock shots out into the sand, just shooting dunes. Eventually he turns towards the camcorder.

Austin Jacobs

So Martin Taylor thinks he dominated me? That’s not what I remember. I seem to remember dominating him most of a match, and DDT’ing him off of a ladder. The only reason he won that match was because it was a ladder match and he got a lucky shot to knock me to the outside. If that had been a match where he had actually had to pin me, that match would have been mine, and we both know it.

I have to admit, attacking you was fun. It wasn’t because I was angry about the loss, or even because I didn’t like you. You’re not important enough for that. All I have for you is apathy. The reason I attacked you was to do what I do best, and that is spread Anarchy. And as to why I didn’t come back and accept a rematch, it’s because I was suspended. Your little “enemy”, Chris Deluca, wouldn’t let me compete as a punishment for being myself and attempting to cause anarchy in WEW.

You call me a joke, and say that you’ve taken all of my momentum unto yourself. Well maybe you have taken some of my momentum, but I am not a joke. And that’s what you’ll find out when I toss you on your ass with the DBA, and pin you to finally shut your ass up. And after that, I am going to lock you in concentrated anarchy and not let go until you’re crying for mercy. Austin Jacobs is back, and after this week, you, DeLuca, and every single person in the world will learn why you don’t mess with the Incarnation of Anarchy!

Jacobs turns the rifle to the cheap camcorder he was recording this with and pulls the trigger, sending the video into static with a bang.
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The incarnation of anarchy
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