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 Anarchy will reign

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Austin Jacobs
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Anarchy will reign   Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:18 pm

After not having heard from him all week, a camera crew headed by Chris Austin finally managed to catch up with Austin Jacobs outside of a small town bar in southern California. He is lying in the back of a pickup, looking at the sky. Eventually, he turns to the cameras and starts talking, half to himself it seems.

Austin Jacobs
Do you see the clouds, Chris? I love watching them. So unpredictable, so ever-changing. They can go from light to murderous in no time at all. Reminds me of myself to be honest.

Chris Austin
So, Austin, what do you have to say about your upcoming match at Overdrive? Martin Taylor’s mouthing off to the man in charge got you put in a ladder match. What’s your reaction to this?

Austin Jacobs
I’m thinking that Taylor thinks he can scare me. He tried to make it into a no DQ match so I would be nervous, and then him and the boss-man had their little skit to make it into a ladder match. That’s right, Martin Taylor is a phony, and he’s playing every last one of you like the fools that you are. You’ll see that someday.

Austin Jacobs
But I’m not scared of anyone, and certainly not Martin Taylor. I may have suffered a setback last week, but this week I’m out for vengeance. I am going to destroy Martin Taylor in this match, And prove to the world that I am the most dominant being in history. At Overdrive this Saturday, when I knock Martin Taylor off of a ladder and then scale my own ladder to victory, you will all see me as the best. And on that day, Anarchy Will Reign!

Austin Jacobs jumps out of the bed of the truck, hops in the cab, and drives off, leaving Chris Austin and his camera crew speechless.
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Anarchy will reign
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