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 A Word of Warning

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Zeke Nero
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: A Word of Warning   Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:05 am

Zeke Nero is seen walking towards his locker room, with the wildest expression on his face. Before he enters his room Josh Lake stops him.

Josh Lake
Mr. Nero, Mr. Nero. If I could have a moment of your time.

Nero looks back at him looking annoyed that he was stopped. He lets out a deep sigh, rubbing in between his eyes.

Zeke Nero
Fine, but hurry up I got better things to do.

Ok, Mr. Nero. You went out there tonight and stated that you are still trying to show the world the "corruption" of AWO by taking away one of their titles from Anton Hinston tonight. What is your game plan for tonight.

Game plan? Listen I don't need a game plan and I will never need one especially when it comes to Anton Hinston. You see Anton is just a misunderstood ignoramus, he will listen to the "head honcoes" selling whatever reputation he had left. In return they make him their Golden Boy. Now I know what your thinking "What a sweet deal." Well you don't understand shit if you think it is a sweet deal. Anton gave up his honor just so when ever he didn't like something or someone he could go an cry and whine, and all of this other stupid shit like almost everyone here does. I mean why would you do that it's nonsense, it vile, and these people know it they just chose to not accept it and boo me for saying what is true. And the more these people ignore it the more Corporate knows they can get away with it. And the more Corporate gets away with it, the more bitching and moaning will come from Anton and the other Corporate "Golden Boys".

Ok umm well that was a good answer Zeke. With that said what would "Corporate" do to their "Golden Boy" Anton if he loses.

Nero chuckles

When Anton loses, watch him be cut off from them. They will let him fall through the cracks and become a no one just like everyone who won't listen to them. Now if you'll excuse me I have to tend to important matters at hand.

Nero goes into his room, leaving Josh alone with his words.
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A Word of Warning
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