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PostSubject: WARNING!   Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:19 pm

[Camera fades in backstage, Michael McIntosh is filming himself with a hand held camera streaming a video live from one of his websites.]

Michael McIntosh:

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the next big thing that will be sweeping the entire nation!! Some of you may know me from my independent work on the Independent Wrestling Circuit as Michael McIntosh. But now I will be known as Michael McIntosh, the next big thing in the land of Anarchy Wrestling. Why? Simple, because I can bring the "ABC" to any Wrestling Federation I enter. What is the "ABC" you ask? Well I'll tell you, its Anarchy, Bane, and Carnage! And if you're familiar with streaming online or have been watching YouTube Videos of me from the other night, then you know that what I speak of is the truth. My former Boss Man thought it would be wise to try and strip me of the title, and throw me onto my ass...but it was him that was planted face first onto the concrete floor.

But anyways that is not why I'm here today, I'm not here to take a jump, hop, or a skip down memory road. I am here to make my presence known in the locker room and to the entire Universe. I want to make the AWO better in every way that I can. Wrestling, Drama, and Chaos are all three things that can make a wrestling promotion look great. And if there's a promotion that lacks in all three, then they won't be around that long. As I took a glance at the show from Saturday Night, I saw quite a bit of Chaos, but in the department of Wrestling and Drama they suck. It's not Management's fault, its the competitor's that make the show look bad. They put you in matches and pay you the big bucks for a reason. But from what I've seen, it looks like a whole bunch of you are overpaid! So I'm here to balance everything out, and weed the good from the bad wrestlers. And its quite simple...Good Wrestlers...ME...Bad Wrestlers everyone else. See? Pretty simple am I right?

So Management you have yourself a bright star in me, and if you're smart you'll make the decision quickly to put me forward as your leading man. But eh I'm not greedy I can wait my turn, it's just I don't know how long I'll be able to contain myself before something bad happens to one of the mediocre stars on your rosters.
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