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 Three Of The Best...And Mike Cole

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PostSubject: Three Of The Best...And Mike Cole   Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:40 pm

Randy Reaume walked out to the ring, with a content smirk on his face after beating Mike Cole in a steel cage match on Overdrive 2.

As he walked to the ring, he screamed "OH, I'M GONNA STEAL THE SHOW!"

He then took the mic, cleared his throat, and started to speak.

Well, well, well, the brass have decided they're going to make a great main event for Overdrive! We have Randy Reaume and Cole Scorpio, two of the best in this business today, and then we have Dark Angel, another one of the greats, and...Mike Cole? Who decided to throw Mike Cole into this match full of people who could beat him in less than 45 seconds? That's a brilliant main event choice, two future hall of famers against one future hall of famer teamed with someone who has never even beat me fairly! Please, Mike, who do you think you are? You're just a hasbeen that never was.

TBC: Mike Cole OR Cole Scorpio
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Mike Cole
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Re: Three Of The Best...And Mike Cole   Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:30 pm

Mike Cole's theme hits the arena, with a mic on his hand. as he stands in the stage ramp, looking at Randy.

Mike Cole
"Jejeje....Actually Reaume there's only one talented person in this match, and that's me. It's not actually my fault that you're jealous of my amazing in-ring skills or on how no one can touch me on the mic. This will also be the first time the three members of H.E.E.L. have been on the same ring since a few months ago. So the one person that doesn't fit in this match is actually you, Randy."

"Everyone knows that I was the most talented man in H.E.E.L., not Cole Scorpio, not Dark Angel but Mike Cole!........Speaking of Dark Angel him and me aren't on very good terms after....y'know he costed us the tag team titles. But that won't stop us from kicking you and Scorpio's ass."

Mike Cole gets in the ring with Randy, they look at each other with a look of despice. Cole then catched some air and continued talking.

"So I would like to invite both of my H.E.E.L. buddies to this ring, right here, right now!"

TBC: Cole Scorpio/Dark Angel.

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PostSubject: Re: Three Of The Best...And Mike Cole   Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:43 pm

Wires by Red Fang blazes through the arena speakers, as Cole Scorpio limps through the curtains. Disheveled and possibly... no... PROBABLY drunk he is shirtless, shoeless, and beltless as he limps down the ramp. Pulling his jeans up, and pulling a cigar out from one of his pockets, he lights the end as he gingerly walks down to the ring. He high fives a fan wearing a "CHEESBORGER" shirt and slowly steps up the stairs into the ring. He eyes Mike Cole, then Randy Reaume, before trying to stomp the bad juju out of his injured leg. He beckons for a microphone...


The crowd EXPLODES with cheers as Cole puffs on his cigar. Randy smiles, as Mike smirks.

And I am NOT pleased. Mike Cole, Randy Reaume, I've beaten the hell outta both of you in the past. Randy, I won my second world title in EHDW when I beat you for the vacant EWF championship. I also beat you for the tag team championship in the very first AWO pay per view. Mike Cole, I stomped your ass so far into the ground that I'm surprised you ever regained full control over your muscles. I also beat you for my FIRST world title in EHDW at THAT company's first pay per view! Neither of you two assholes matter to me though, because I've proven to the whole god damn world that I'm better than the both of you combined. No, only one man matters to me now. The man who injured my leg, the man Mike Cole is partnered with this week, the man I'm facing for the world title at Genesis, and the man whom I have a promised Luchas De Apuestas match against...


The crowd once again EXPLODES, this time with boos at the mere mention of the sinister luchador's name.

I made sure he advanced to the world championship match with me, but he tried to put me out of action to get out of his deal. So now, now I'm gonna kick his ass so hard that he'll wish he never put that mask on in the first place. And if that means beating the hell out of Mike Cole too, well that's just a bonus for me. You were culpable in my long-term brainwashing by that masky bastard, and you'll get yours eventually. But for right now, all that matters is~

Cole is interrupted, as the familiar music of Dark Angel pumps through the arena.

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The Dark Angel
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Re: Three Of The Best...And Mike Cole   Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:58 pm

The unnerving sounds of DA's theme echo throughout the arena, sending chills down the spine of everyone in attendance. The Dark Angel, with Lust by his side, steps out onto the stage. He surveys the collection of wrestlers in the ring from a distance, and walks down. He picks up a mic from the ring girl and slides into the ring.

Sorry I'm a bit late to the party, but I was too busy laughing at all the fallacious statements these poor souls have claimed. Randall, I love how you strut about trying to make your feud with the rat mean something, but the fact of the matter is it doesn't. It's uneventful, It's vapid, which in turn makes you and the rat vapid. You're just a future faux-pas waiting to happen.

He turns to Mike Cole.

Your insipid rambling is getting annoying, I don't need you dragging me down. You shall suffer soon enough for your intervention of my plans. Those shards of glass form way back are nothing to what I have in store for you.

Mike Cole stared at him angrily, but DA disregarding him. He walks up to Cole Scorpio, both of them eager to brawl each other into oblivion.

My friend, The Scorpion... Well, I may have some bad news for you and your flailing limb. You see this...idea you had of a Luchas De Apuestas match shall not happen.

Thee crowd boos loudly, and Cole's face can be seen saying "What?".

Yes, for you did not obey me. If you recall..

DA points to the tron and it begins showing a small snippet of the triple threat match from last weeks Overdrive. Axle had just taken a suicide dive which Cole countered with a Scorpio Superkick mid-flight. DA and Cole were looking at each other, and Cole proceeded to try to kick DA. It stops there.

You see, your own bright ideas have lead you into another dark pond where, yet again, you lose what you wanted to gain. The title will be mine at Genesis, further proving of my dominance over you. Then, I can discard this pitiful rivalry and move on with my goal. I have outgrown you, little Scorpion, and I will give you and Randall a taster of what i have in store for ANYONE who gets in my way.

(TBC: Anyone)
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PostSubject: Re: Three Of The Best...And Mike Cole   

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Three Of The Best...And Mike Cole
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