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 The Ring

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David Maverick

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PostSubject: The Ring   Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:18 pm

**Dave Maverick is shown sitting in a chair in his locker room, when the camera rolls on him, and he begins to speak**

Matt Knoxville is pathetic. He cannot realize that wrestling is nothing about the mic, only about ring skill. He thinks that him coming out here making jokes about me, and calling me stupid is going to win him the match. I guess he thinks that he can get inside my head or something but he is very wrong about that. Kid, do you know how many people have tried to get inside my head and failed at doing that? I can't even count. You are trying to make me angry, but it is not working. And you may try to hide it, but I can already see you getting scared. At first you thought that I was just the new guy to the company and you had nothing to worry about. But not that you realize my past and how good I really am you are scared. But who can blame you? Look at me I am a full out ass kicker. Everyone has a right to be afraid of me. I am a very scary thing. So you are throwing everything you can at me. Trying to make me scared, trying to get inside me head, but you still cannot accept the fact that you are just a pathetic loser and you cannot do any of these things. You are going to have to accept defeat weather you like it or not. Here is my proof that you are a dumbass, you cannot even grow the fuck up and accept that someone is better than you. But thats okay. Keep denying it. I will prove it to you in the ring this Saturday.

**Dave Maverick stops for a moment then begins to speak again**

You keep trying to get me to listen to your warnings but why should I? They are false warnings anyways. They mean nothing to me. Because they are not true. You are trying to warn me of thins like how you are going to beat me and "Kick my ass". But I know good and well that these things will never happen. No matter how hard you try you will always fail when compared to me. You can run your mouth all day long if you want to, but it will never make you better than me or anybody else here for that matter. You are living in your own little world where you think that you are the best. Its time for you to wake up and take the truth. And I am willing to give you that ttruth in the ring if you do not want to just accept it. Like I said, you can do it the easy way, or the hard way. You can accept defeat, or I can hand you defeat in that ring.You keep calling me old, but to be honest, I am not that old at all. I am only 21 but I have already achieved more than you ever will in your puny little career. I seem old to you because I am so successful. And I am about to add another small accomplishent to my long list by beating you.

**Dave Maverick rests for a moment before he beings speaking again**

I thought maybe that you would be a challenge. But now I cannot even realize how you made it into this company. You are a pathetic excuse for a wrestler and I am going to expose you to be just that. All you can do is come out here and run your mouth, and I bet you have no ring skills at all. You make fun of me but I could care less. Because I know whenever it comes to the ring you cannot even measure up to my greatness. So I guess that is where I am going to have to prove to you that I am the best. I am going to have to prove what I have in the ring. Becuase you are too stupid to listen to anything that I say out here. I guess I am going to have to beat it into your head when we have to step into the ring at Overdrive. You got yourself into more trouble with your words than you would've before. You were going to lose regardless, but now your beating is just going to be way worse. Words have consequences. And those consequences for you are going to come this Saturday. I cannot wait to meet with you in that ring and beat the living hell out of you. See you in the ring, bitch!

**The Camera fades off of Dave Maverick**
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The Ring
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