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 See you in the ring, Alex.

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PostSubject: See you in the ring, Alex.   Thu May 10, 2012 3:35 pm

The scene opens on Anton Hinston standing up against a wall, looking at the camera. An interviewer walks into the frame. He walks up to Anton, but Anton simply say: ''Keep walking, I don't need any interviewer''. The interviewer looks disappointed, an interview with Anton Hinston would've really benefit his career Cool.
Anton's wearing his new wrestling gear; white kickpads, red trunks and red wrist tape. A new Anton Hinston T-Shirt had been made; a T-Shirt with an animated picture of Anton Hinston.

Anton Hinston
Hello, how are the AWO audience today?

The fans in attendance errupt in high cheers and a new ''Danish people rock'' is heard instead of the old ''Danish people suck''. Anton can't hear this, but is sure they cheer him.

Anton Hinston
That's good to hear, good to hear! Did any of you follow last week's Fusion? I have to defend my Extreme Championship at Twist of Fortune. When the bell rings, it's be the 3th time I face him in a short matter of time. Now I know him well, he know me well too. So what do I have to do to beat him? Well, I'm going to do what I've being doing everytime I've faced him; I'm going to be the better wrestler. I won his title a couple of weeks ago. Then, William tried to blame backstage personnel? That's pretty weak, don't you agree?

The fans cheer as a ''yes''.

Anton Hinston
But this week I'll face someone different. A returning Alex Jester. Now, I've faced Alex before, and he beat me, but I've changed. I have the support of the fans and you can't put a price on that. When my music plays, thank you Saliva, the fans explode, and my heart jump up my throat. I'm glad I get to do this, I would do it for free. I hope Damon didn't hear that Embarassed. I'm so privileged that I get to do this, not very many people have the opportunity to live their dream. And I wouldn't have the opportunity if it wasn't for the people watching this, the AWO universe.

Anton took a moment to get himself together and the crowd cheered of the top of their lungs.

Anton Hinston
Alex Jester..

The crowd boos and Anton takes another minute, this time to figure out what he wanted to say.

Anton Hinston
Alex had one shot before at the World Title, and I'm not sure if I think he deserved that one, and now he has another on. I'm not one to comment on how this company is run, and I won't start now. What I will comment on, though, is Rose London. That... Well many people have called her a slut, I won't sink to that level. Rose made the match at Twist of Fortunes, which I don't get. Instead of just giving him shots, what about giving somebody else a shot? If, nay when I win that match, you're going to the back of the line, William. When I win I'll give people like Ryan Savage, Reed Zimmer, Mike Cole and all those people a chance to prove themself. I'll be a fighting champion, I won't only defend my title once every two months. With that being said, I won't be willing to defend my title at random times against random people.
Alex Jester, you don't respect me as a competitor because you've beaten me before and that'll be your downfall. Alex you'll learn that I've changed since the last time you were here. You broke your neck, and as a human I won't attack your neck more than I would do in a normally match. Honour. At the end of the day I want to be able to look myself in the mirror, and I don't believe all of the people here in the back can.
See you in the ring, Alex.

The camera fades black
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See you in the ring, Alex.
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