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 The reason I win.

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Mike Cole
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: The reason I win.   Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:52 pm

The scene opens up with Mike Cole sitting on a couch at his house watching the TV with a smirk on his face. Cole grabs the remote controller and turns off the TV, he laughs at the camera as he starts to speak.

Mike Cole
Blaze Griffin....a young man with a heart of gold. How can you not like this kid? He's a guy with good intentions and he always tries to help people. You know, that's the reason why he fights, but Blaze you need to learn the difference between fighting and winning. This Saturday you will wrestle me or as you'd say "fight me" for the little kid you're helping. And don't get my wrong man, I respect what you're doing but at the end of the day that's not going to help you win at all.

To win, you have to be the best. And that's exactly what I am. I'm the best wrestler to ever live and even if you have millions of fan suporting you, that's not going to change anything. No matter what you try to do, what strategy you have planned or how much work you put into it. At the end of our match I'm going to be standing tall with the International Championship while you're laying down on the ground thinking "What did I do wrong" and the answer to that question my boy is not being the best.

Mike Cole smirks at the camera as he continues to talk.

You see Blaze, I had a chance to win my first singles title back in WS and what happened? Sonny Heroin screwed me and made that cunt Austin Cross win the match, but I promise you. I will make sure no one interferes in our match and if they do, well let's just say they will regret it later on.

Now, the problem with you is that you're trying to make everyone happy Blaze, and sadly that is not possible at all. You think you're going to make that kid happy by inviting him to the show but what's actually going to happen is that he's going to end up with a broken heart after I become the third AWO International Champion. But that's nothing to feel bad about Blaze, you were just trying your best, unfortanetly that won't be enough to beat me. You see the reason why I'm a winner is because I do everything for myself. Sure I like to make the fans happy but I always think about me before them. If you focus more on other people you will forget about the most important thing Blaze. Winning, winning is everything and you can't deny that. You have to put yourself over anything else if you want to be succesful kid. You don't want to end like Phillip Phillips do you? Just look at how pathetic he is. I honestly hope he gets pinned by my boy Randy Reaume this Saturday, not to mention Ray Von Vanity. You don't want to end up like him either.

You think you're doing what's best when in reality you're doing what's best for OTHERS not for you. That's the reason you haven't had a breakthrough just yet. I really want to see you success Blaze but judging from the way you're handling things I honestly doubt that's going to happen soon. You better mark my words Blaze, because after I become the International Champion you will realize everything I said is the truth. The sad but true reality of life. You're really young in your career so you really need to make the right decisions now. The choice you make will either take you to the top or bury you deep. Pick your potion because soon it will be too late. It's now or never Blaze. I just want
you to know that I'm trying to help you. Wheter you take my help or reject it is up to you. Take the glory or the failure.

No matter how things turn out, at the end of the match I will offer you a handshake. It's up to you to accept it buddy. But I promise you, your decision towards my handshake will change your career, for the better or for the worse. See you on Saturday Blaze, better make your mind up until then.

Cole sits down on his couch again and turns on the TV as the camera fades black.
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The reason I win.
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