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 The Reason I fight

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Blaze Griffin
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PostSubject: The Reason I fight   Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:48 pm

The show fades in to a video recording from a hospital room. A little kid, maybe 10 or 11, is lying in the bed, seemingly asleep and looking very weak. There are drawings taped up all over the walls of different wrestlers in AWO, from Phillip Phillips, Austin Cross, and Mike Cole, to Alex Jester, Martin Taylor, and Aidan Raider. In the center of all of these, on a larger piece of paper, is a drawing of Blaze Griffin, labeled in bubble letters along the bottom.
The boy opens his eyes a crack as he hears the door open, and his dad walks in and stands near the end of the bed.

(kid’s dad): Hey champ, how you feeling?

Kid: Not too bad today Dad.

Well, that’s great son. We’ve got a little surprise for you today. Someone’s here to see you. Want to meet him?

Sure, I guess.

The dad walks over to the door, and steps into the hallway. “come on in” can be heard as he talks to someone in the hallway. And then, walking into the room, wearing a faded silver jacket with blue lines, and a pair of jeans, is Blaze Griffin himself! The kid is beaming, absolutely ecstatic at the chance to meet his hero!

Blaze: (to the kid) Hey, I hear my biggest fan is someone on this floor, but I can’t seem to find him at all! I don’t suppose you know where I’d find him, do you kid?

]color=yellow]Th-that would be me, sir! I’ve watched every match you’ve ever had! Ike, in that one match with Randy Reaume, in the Cell, you did that superkick and he went right through the top of the cell! That was freaking awesome! And then you did the shooting star senton off the top of the cell onto him, and I was literally freaking out! It was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life!

Heha, it was nothing. I’m just glad to hear you enjoyed it. If you liked that though, just wait until you see what I pull out for my match against Mike Cole this week.

What could you do that’s better than that though?

Blaze leans in and cups his hand over his ear, whispering to him. The kids face gets huge with awe as he hears what Blaze has planned for the match.

That’s so awesome! And I’m gonna get to see it!

Better than that bud. You’re going to get to be there! I’m going to have to ask management, but as long as they approve, I want YOU to be the guest bell ringer for my match. Think you could do that?

Oh my god yes! That’d be so freaking sweet! Can I do it Dad?

Well, if you’re feeling well that day, I don’t see why not.

This is freaking awesome! Blaze, you gotta win this! It’d be the coolest thing ever to see you win the gold in person!

Well, I promise I’ll give it my best shot. But I gotta go do something quick. Do you mind if I go outside for a second? I’ll be right back to sign some stuff for you.

The kid starts chattering excitedly with his parents as Blaze walks outside into the hallway before turning and looking into the camera.

Mike Cole, do you see that kid in there? HE is the reason I’m going to beat you this Friday. You see, that kid, and other like him, are the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. They spend every single day fighting for their lives, but you’ll never hear them complain once. Hell, most of them do anything they can to try to help someone else, even when they’re so weak they literally can’t move!

So if I get the chance to bring even a little bit of light and happiness into their lives, I’ll put my very life on the line in a heartbeat to bring it to them. And right now, that kid wants to see me walk away as the International Champion. I’m not saying you’re not good, because I know damn well that you are great. All I’m saying is that on this night, at this time, you have no chance of beating me. Because I’m fighting for them, and what you can bring against me is nothing compared to what they’re going through. So I’ll fight just as hard as they do, and I will walk away as the International champion. After all, the kid told me too.

Blaze turns away from the camera and asks a passing nurse for a marker, which he gets and signs the SSS hat he’s wearing. He then walks back into the room as the cameras fade away.
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The Reason I fight
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