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 Making a statement.

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Lex Johnson
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Making a statement.   Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:26 pm

The camera fades to the AWO Interview area. You can see A
man on his Cell Phone. The camera doesn't really catch what the man was saying,
but after a few seconds the man presses a button on his screen, it looks to
have ended his conversation. He looks at the cameraman, then Josh Lake. He had
kind of an awkward look on his face.

So did you guys hear that or...

Josh and the camera man both shake their head no. Josh begins
with the interview.

So Lex, how do you feel about being here in AWO?

Well Josh, I feel pretty damn good. I mean I feel like any

man who is going to work. Because that is what I do, I work my ass off every
single time I get in that ring, I mean it's not like I need to. I could
probably beat anybody on this roster with my eyes closed and 1 arm tied behind
my back. But hey that wouldn't make for a good show now would it?

Josh was looking at Lex and waiting on him to stop talking
so he could get to the next question. Finally he stopped and Josh proceeded to
the next question.

Ok, do you think you have what it takes to beat a man who
has been all over the world..

Are you talking about Clifford Reynolds? Man stop kissing

his ass and just say name dear God. But anyways yes I think... no, no, no I

know I can beat him because even though you guys don't know me I am your God,
Now your probably standing there waiting to get home so you can play Witches
and Warlocks with your nerd buddy. But hey Lex Johnson won't judge you. But you
let me get off topic, Clifford I hope you hear this. More than anything I hope
you hear what I am about to say to you, if you think just because you are
bigger than I am. Then you are sadly, sadly mistaken. Because I have been beating
people bigger than me for 5 years now, and if you think you are the biggest man
here in AWO well you might actually be right, because man you are so fat. So
Cliff I beg of you don't get too cocky, leave some for me, because I am going
to kick your ass and go on to fight either Anton Hinston or Zeke Nero, which
none of them have the skill to beat me because I am a GOD!
That last scream made Josh jump 5 ft. into the air. He asked

Lex if he was finished and Lex just stormed away and went into the locker room.

OOC;Sorry about the codeing and shit fucking up.
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Making a statement.
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