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 Making stuff clear.

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Making stuff clear. Empty
PostSubject: Making stuff clear.   Making stuff clear. EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 12:00 am

Before everybody freaks out & whatnot I'd like to explain about the Cole Scorpio stuff.

Earlier today he decided to quit or whatever. I didn't ban him at that moment, he did nothing wrong, everybody has their right to leave. So about an hour later he came back and posted a link to some other e-fed saying something along the lines of "Better e-fed, just saying"... So that is when I banned him because it is pretty much common fed law not to be advertising other e-feds on the site and he clearly knows that.

So later night he came on talking to me in PC and whatnot and he brought up the same old stories from AWO. I told him to simply let go and I haven't done anything wrong to him at all. He continues to go on and on about it and I explain I've even got rid of Spitta from Wrestling Syndication. I've been calm with Cole, I don't even talk to him, but apparently he still wants to bicker me about stuff that happened in the past even though I'm not any of the people committing any of these actions towards him. He says that I allowed them to do so, I've apologized time and time again but he explains to me that he doesn't forgive people because he knows he will just get "burnt" a 2nd time. So after spending about 20 minutes trying to talk to him to get over that stuff, because I have, he still goes on and brings up that stuff.

At that point I was done trying to communicate to him because he's clearly not going to let go. He tried to bring up the fact that Jacob Steele advertised here and nothing happened to him, that is a lie, he was banned & he can tell you that himself and I've known Jacob more than I've known some of you and he was still banned. If you want to link another e-fed type site simply PM or PC me on chat and I can make you an affiliate and you'll be able to post a simple topic in general discussion about it. I'm not concerned about him linking it that much, but when he says "better e-fed, just saying" what's the point of shooting the one on this site down?

So yeah even before Wrestling Syndication started I talked to Xavier that I'm giving Cole Scorpio a chance with this, I let him join the site even with the constant slandering of my name at WEW, I let go. If he thinks I was jumping on his back then this is a crazy situation...I've been calm since I unbanned him in AWO, I've been calm when he was in WEW talking trash about me, I've been calm now. He fucked up his chance... I told him if he just takes a breather and chills out I would've had no problem unbanning him but it's clear that he just won't, I've given him multiple chances.

But yeah, I just wanted to make it clear because I'm not going to look like some type of evil person here. I've showed respect towards everybody & I'll continue doing that. If it upsets anybody he is gone for the time being then I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure you have another way to communicate with him.

I don't expect for this thread to turn out in a full out war of drama in the chat or any other location, just a formal address to make stuff clear. If you have any concerns with this please just PM it to me, I don't want anything bad to come out of this.

Continue to have fun here in Wrestling Syndication and I will too brobros and hohos. Cheers.


Making stuff clear. JVYpV
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Making stuff clear.
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