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Mason DeAngelo
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Respect   Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:25 pm

Mason DeAngelo is seen walking backstage with a huge grin on his face. It has just been announced that instead of facing Quentin Knox, he will be in a four way match against Ray Hardyac, Brandon Bash, and Raphael Di Acciaioli. Sky Brynes catches up to Mason as he is heading to his locker area.


"Mason DeAngelo how do you feel about being place in this four way match?"


"Obviously my talent is finally being realized. Instead of being in a squash match against that sad excuse of a wrestler, Quentin Knox, I am in my rightful match. Luckily for me I already have experience in these types of matches. You see the WEW knows better than to put me into one on one matches. They know that there is not a single wrestler in the business who can step in the ring and go toe to toe with me. They have to put me in these multi wrestler matches because it is the only way that the other superstars could stand a chance against me."


"The three other men you are facing are rather accomplished wrestlers, namely Brandon Bash, do you really think you can compete?"

Mason stares down Sky, a look of anger and resentment overcoming him. He bucks up his chest and he closes the gap between himself and Sky.

"Did you even watch me wrestle last week? Were you there when I destroyed not one but two WEW superstars without breaking a sweat? I have said it time and time again, I am the best wrestler this industry has ever seen, and if you think any of the men who are stepping into that ring scare me then you are just as foolish as every single one of the so called fans in that arena."

At this point the boo's can be heard even backstage and Mason can only look up and smirk at the anger he is causing.

"We will start with the joke first. Raphael whatever the hell his name is. If you watched his match last week you saw the same thing that I and every other person watching saw. You saw Raphael being dominated by Martin Taylor. A fun fact about Martin Taylor, he is a entitled nobody who could not finish against a weaker opponent. He let his guard down against Raphael and Raphael took advantage of it like any superstar would. That is not the point, though, the point is that Raphael knew he was losing. He knew that if the contest continued fairly he would have lost, so he resorted to one of the cheapest things a man can do, he hit Martin below the belt. He is the least of my worries in this match and the fact that he is even in the same ring as me is a joke."

He smiled and listened, for the first time, as a few cheers were mixed in with the boos. They knew he won cheaply.

"On to Ray Hardyac. The first ever Undisputed champion? Get with the program Ray, no one cares anymore. You think because you throw out your past titles that I will cower away? If anything it paints a target on your back, one that I have spotted, and one that I will hit with reckless abandon. You are even more worthless than Raphael. At least he won his match without interference. You were losing that match against Michael London and without Philips coming to the ring, you know as well as I do, that you had lost."

"Now on to my final opponent... Brandon Bash. Last week you faced Kendrick Williams. Of the other two we are facing in this match I have to say you had the easiest victory. Really? Kendrick Williams was who you defeated? The must have some stock in you because they know that they can not put a real wrestler in the ring with you. They put some amateur wrestler in the ring to make you look good and, what do you know, you squashed him. Did you see my match last week? I defeated not one superstar, but two superstars. I had the toughest test in the ring last week and I came out on top, while you, well you faced a pretty little fast boy."

"Tonight when I step into the ring I am going to prove something. I have been saying it since the day I walked down those ramps and I got into that ring for the first time: I am the greatest. These other three men fear me and they have a reason to. We have the cheap shot, the interference, and the squash match winners facing the legitimate wrestler. The fans know who is the best and that is me. Tonight when my music hits people will root for the other three men. Not because they know they will win, no, but because they know that I am going to slaughter my opponents and they want to believe that I am not the greatest. They want to try and believe that Mason DeAngelo is not as good as he says he is because they are jealous. Jealous because they never believed a man of my caliber would be able to step in the ring and compete. Jealous because they know something. They know that no matter how hard the WEW tries, I will be at the top. It may take me some time, but know this, I will get there and there is not a thing that Ray Hardyac, Raphael Di Lacograbagona, or Brandon Bash can do about. I am Mason DeAngelo and its PRIME TIME BABY!"

Mason throws the mic into the air and he thrusts his arms high and looks at the camera with the notorious smile.


"Well there you have it ladies and gentleman, humble words from a humble man." ( Sarcasm obviously. )
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