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PostSubject: THE BIG BANG!   Sat May 26, 2012 9:25 am

~ The scene opens with Matt Knoxville sat down backstage wearing a new shirt saying "Mr Personality" on the front and "The Cult Of Personality", Joshua Rhodes enters the view of the camera and is running towards Matt. Joshua gets to Matt but as soon as he does he is out of breath and has to wait a few moments before being able to talk ~

Matt Knoxville
Oh uh, hi Joshua. Can I help you?

Joshua Rhodes
I *puff* don't suppose you could let me know *puff* your opinion of Spitta? He seems very *puff* determined to win.

Matt Knoxville
Honestly, like Spitta said we almost faced off before and I said I was going to win, but I didn't. Spitta had made an impact as soon as he joined AWO and I was jealous, Don Manly and I had to ask for a title match and you could tell Spitta was going somewhere. This situation isn't much different to then except I've had a large attitude adjustment and I plan on staying this time. I know I can beat Spitta but I have to try if I want to win against him, he's going to pull out all the stocks to get the win and I expect nothing less from him, he's talented and he's early in his career and he reminds me a lot of myself quite frankly. I've never lost a match in AWO and I'm not going to lose my first match in the new company, I'm sure Spitta thinks the same and I don't blame him because I've been gone a while. My leaving was but a chapter in my career and my return was the last, the next one is defeating Spitta Andretti is the next.

~ Matt stands up and looks at the camera ~

Matt Knoxville
If I lose this match my undefeated streak will be broken Spitta, and I know if you lose so will yours, there's more on the line than you think and you need to realize that. This match is streak vs streak, the World Title Tournament Qualifier, the Cult vs the Nation and most importantly the Best vs the Best. We're alike in so many ways yet our perspective of things is so different, I don't want to fight you out of hatred or jealousy, I want to fight you out of respect. I will always respect you and what you do no matter what because I know you can make it far in this business, as can I. I used to thrive off of hatred, now I love respect and give the same respect to the people that deserve it and that isn't many people, Spitta. I'm going to do anything legal to win this match and get one step closer to winning that World Heavyweight championship, that will be the end of my first book and the start of another.

~ Joshua Rhodes seems to have caught his breath back, he looks at Matt and decides to ask him a few questions ~

Joshua Rhodes
So, if you know you can beat Spitta why have this match at all?

Matt Knoxville
Good question Josh, you see none of my opponents in AWO could stop me winning matches and none of Spitta's could stop him. I want a challenge and Spitta is the perfect person to give me that challenge, I am going to get past that challenge with an A+. This match is going to be match of the night- no, match of the year hands down whether I win or Spitta wins because we always put our best in to our matches, so if you are going to watch any matches on Overdrive watch Spitta Andretti vs Matt Knoxville because we are going to put on one hell of a show next week. Joshua do you have any more questions for me or was that it for me?

Joshua Rhodes
I have one last question for you, if that's okay. A lot of the fans would like to know why you left exactly and why the need of an attitude adjustment?

Matt Knoxville
The reason I left was for the attitude change, I needed to figure out how not to be such a dick and actually think about other people's opinions and respect them, so when I decided I was ready I signed with WEW. A new company for a new personality. I am going to prove I've changed on Overdrive next week and I am going to make sure I win to qualify for the tournament, I'm going to do it cleanly. No weapons, no interference, just me and Spitta in that ring fighting for our chance to become WEW World Champion. I have nothing else to say at this time.

~ Matt walks off and goes to his locker room to rest for his Overdrive match ~
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