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 The time for change is now.

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PostSubject: The time for change is now.   Fri May 11, 2012 3:18 pm

The scene opens up to a packed AWO arena in Atlanta, Georgia, where Friday Night Fusion is just getting underway. Suddenly, the arena lights go black and the sound of the crowd chattering comes to a halt, patiently waiting to find out who's responsible. Out of nowhere, "Misery Cloud" by I Declare War begins to blare over the PA, echoing throughout the entire arena.


The lights come back up as Eli Sykes makes his way from behind the curtain. He steps out onto the stage, looking around the arena with a look of disgust on his face. He shakes his head with disapprovingly and continues on his way down the ramp. Fans reach out with their fingers stretched, trying to pat Eli Sykes on the back or get a high five from him, but he blatantly ignores them. When he gets to the ring, he walks slowly up the steel steps, looking around with the same look he had on his face before. He steps up onto the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. He walks to far end of the ring, requesting a microphone from Lauren Brooke. She approaches with a microphone and when she reaches out to hand it to him, he violently snags it from her hand. She jumps and quickly returns to her seat by the commentators table. Eli Sykes turns back around, facing the entrance ramp, signaling for the sound crew to cut his music. When the music is silenced, Eli Sykes puts the microphone to his lips, attempting to speak, but is interrupted by the crowd who begins to boo him. He stands in the center of the ring patiently, with the microphone to his side, waiting for the crowd to quiet themselves. When the boo's die down, he puts the microphone back up to his lips.

"The Antichrist"
Eli Sykes:

"Atlanta, Georgia... What was once a beautiful city is now infested with the likes of you cockroaches."

The boo's pick up again, this time twice as loud as they were before. But, Eli Sykes doesn't care. He continues on, talking over them.

"The Antichrist"
Eli Sykes:

"You think it bothers me when you boo me? You think it gets under my skin? I'm not like the other guys who come out here week after week, claiming to not care, but then they get boo'd and change their whole lifestyle? No. If one of you miserable pieces of garbage were to drop dead in front of me right now, there would be no remorse from me. You're life means absolutely nothing to me. It would just be one less piece of shit around polluting the Earth with their miserable existence. And speaking of miserable existences... The reason I'm out here is to give a little shout out to Don Manly. You see Don, I saw you shoot your little promo earlier where you basically mocked me and really just ended up embarrassing yourself and I found it rather amusing that the only thing you were able to call me out on was the fact that I smoke. You've got nothing on me. Then you go on like a broken record about why smoking is bad like you're some kind of D.A.R.E. officer or something. But, what you did after that was what amused me the most. What was it that you did again, Don? Oh! That's right, you attack an older, defenseless referee for acting on his basic rights as a human being. You physically assault a man for smoking a cigarette. Now tell me, how does that make you better than him? Absolutely nothing. Then after you're done beating on a referee, a man that actually sizes up to you challenges you, but what do you do? You blindside him. You proved to everyone that you are nothing more than a coward, Don. You're not going to feel like much of a hot shot tonight after I beat you within an inch of your life. Your whole world is about to change Don. Things are about to become very real now that you're going up against a man that is a caliber above you. I'm going to make you beg for mercy tonight. Also, you may want to keep your girl Katy Stellar in the back, because if I so much as see her face around this ring tonight Don, she may very well end up being my next victim. And trust me I say that, because I mean every word I say. I will never regret a single thing I do in this company, especially when it comes to someone that is standing in my way of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. I want all of you to know that I am above everything. I am above you. I am above everyone in that locker room. And I am damn sure above all of these worthless idiots that crowd this arena tonight."

The crowds boo's become so loud, it makes it difficult to hear yourself think.

"The Antichrist"
Eli Sykes:

"Now, Don... This is what's going to happen tonight. You're going to come down to this ring later on and get the living shit beat out of you. Simple as that. I am going to mangle you, then leave your pathetic, broken, bloodied, unconscious body in the center of this ring to display to the World just exactly what I stand for. I stand for violence and hate and it will be very clear to the AWO what happens when you cross paths with "The Antichrist."

Eli Sykes drops the microphone to the mat with a thud that echoes. "Misery Cloud" by I Declare War picks up where it left off before as Eli Sykes makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp allowing his lips to curl into a sadistic grin. Once he gets to the stage, he turns around, looking at the crowd. After he scans once more, he shakes his head, laughing at the same time before turning back around and disappearing backstage behind the curtain as the scene fades to black.
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The time for change is now.
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