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 Back and ready to finish what's not done

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PostSubject: Back and ready to finish what's not done   Sun May 06, 2012 10:55 am

The show starts with an impressive opening of pyrotechnics, before the lights are raised and several sections of the excited crowd are shown waving various signs, when suddenly the lights go out in the arena without any source of light.

Alex Jester comes out wearing his light jacket, making his signature entrance, the lights go back in the arena and Alex Jester's new theme song "Burn In My Light" starts playing. AJ walks down the ramp accompanied by Terry Devine, before he jumps into the ring.

Alex walks to the other side of the ring where a referee is standing alongside the commentary table, AJ signals for him to give him the mic, he grabs a mic and hands it to Alex Jester who goes back to the center of the ring and starts talking.

Alex Jester:
Ummm..No, wait. This ain't right...

Alex Jester climbs up the down left corner, and sits on the top turnbuckle.

Alex Jester:
Simply put ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jester is back! Now, I don't exactly know how long I have been absent, maybe a month? I am not really sure, because I wasn't counting the days of my absence, I spent all these days in the hospital, they tried to fix my neck, they said it is in a bad condition. And I gotta admit it was painful, but it wasn't my first time lying on the hospital bed, I went to the hospital so many times that it became an ordinary thing to me, it became a normal part of my day...The doctors said its probably in my best interest not to compete in any physical activity, their advice to was "Alex, maybe you should retire before it's too late", but you know, I've never been one to follow the doctor's orders and I don't plan on starting now. so now i'm back, I'm fresh. Now it's time to continue where I stopped. It's time to finish what isn't done.

Judging by last week, apparently Aidan raider has been talking behind my back..Well, if that's true, and if you indeed were talking behind my back Aidan, you are in a good position to KISS MY ASS.

Apparently, I get to face the Extreme champion, OR former Extreme champion, cuz I have no idea who's holding the Extreme championship right now, but I don't care if Anton Hinston is the champion or not, cuz I've defeated better and tougher champions before and I also defeated you before...

A fan sitting in the front row raises a sign that attracts Alex Jester's attention, he looks at it and starts laughing.


Alex Jester:
Hahahahaha! We've come from Gangster Mini having a match in a Pay-Per-View to Anton Hinston getting his title taken away from him by Rose London...What a shame! We've come from Anton Hinston rambling about hate to Anton Hinston kissing the fans' ass. things get worse and worse here.

Anton, I came out here to say that I see so much potential inside you, underneath that facade, if you could just see the right way.

Anton, I have to get rid of you so they stop living in your moment and they wake up and they start living in my reality. Tonight I will hurt you, and I will remove you and the stain of all your bad examples from the AWO forever.

And you are right when you say you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. Because you need them to enable you, you need them to justify your failure with their support and their cheers, I know your mind is busy with the whole Extreme title situation, but guess what champ? you got me tonight, so I hope you come prepared mentally and physically, good luck.

Alex Jester and Terry Devine roll out of the ring and make their way up the ramp, before they head to the backstage area.
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Back and ready to finish what's not done
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