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 A Disappointed Butler.

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-The Good Butler-
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PostSubject: A Disappointed Butler.   Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:24 pm

It's a gloomy, rainy day as gray clouds clutter up what could be a beautiful blue sky. A bone chilling breeze whips brown leaves around as pellets of rain swirl around, almost dancing, along with the wind. The camera shot now consists of a man's reflection in a puddle of the built up rain drops. He is staring at himself as if he was using the reflective puddle as a mirror. Slowly, the man turns his back while the puddle shows him walking away from it. His gray trench coat blowing around with the wind then zips out of the puddle view as well. We now come across an angle of the same man standing underneath a black umbrella with a silver steel handle. The mystery man wears a typical black and white suit as well as a stern expression across his face, appearing to be all business, or perhaps just down due to the rain. One cannot tell for certain which option it is. Slowly, with the main focus still being on the well dressed man, the rain loses it's force and begins to let up some, however, the sky stays cloudy making one wonder how long the rain will stay dormant. With the wind rattling by, the man begins to speak.

“An average man dislikes poor weather, I find it's when I perform best. However, in the AWO, I'm always at my best, as shown by my perfect record. This early in my career, I've already beaten the Intercontinental Champion to a poor pulp of a man. What do I get in return for my noble efforts? To be thrown into a match with various other men, who aren't on my level may I add, for the Extreme Title. Oh, yes, a title with little to know prestige at all. Bloody hell, the winner might as well be a garbage can because that is where that piece of trash belongs. Yet, having said this, all of these men still chase a pitiful, low ranked, title. I've asked myself numerous times why I should even participate in such a barbaric match, and I can't come up with a reason besides it would be jolly fun seeing the look on your miserable redneck faces when I beat the last man in the ring and become a champion in the AWO. So, I say, what the hell? All work and no play makes Willy a dull chap.”

The man know recognized as the AWO undefeated star, William Black, grows a smarmy smirk across his face. Now, with the rain coming to a complete halt, he folds up his black umbrella and places it under his right arm, still having a firm grasp of it with his right hand.

“Now, unless you were too daft to realize where we were, this is Brickston Park. It is a fantastic little place where I played as a child. Of course, I was born in to 'butlering', and with my father working his fingers to the bone, it was my mum who brought me here nearly three times a week.”

The camera now focuses in on what lies behind William. Wonderful playground equipment that could make any child's face light up with glee sit upon the wood-chipped ground. Swings of the swing set lightly flutter in the direction the breeze is pushing them while, on the opposite side of the playground, a single seesaw stays steady as it appears it has seen better days. A simple, red painted, jungle gym fills up the middle of the park as some of the vibrant red paint has begun to chip away, showing off the age of this set. The memories that are held in this playground must be fascinating, unlike the vacancy shown as of the moment. William Black begins to speak, telling memories past once again.

“My mum and I would spend hours on end laughing and playing on this very ground, those were some fantastic days. Much like her, I take Mister Commonswealth's two, lovely, children here on multiple occasions throughout a month. They converse with other children of the same age, and run around the play area with so much glee as I stand in the back, making sure they don't get too rowdy. Little trouble seekers they are, much like any child these days.”

The Good Butler inhales before exhaling deeply, sighing as he looks to the concrete below his two feet. He sharply bring his left hand to his neck and readjusts his necktie, and then looks back into the camera. The hope-filled and childhood simplistic lifestyle seemed to have given him too much happiness as his face adjusts back into it's normal, all business, expression. He then glances over his shoulder at the playground where he played all those years ago, squinting his eyes as he is now almost glaring back at the place he has countless memories of. The camera draws his attention again before he looks ready to speak even more of his mind.

“No matter, this is all the past. Now, the future, is where I shall look toward. You see, after I become the Extreme champion, I'll hold even more leverage over the AWO. Being undefeated, beating the Intercontinental Champion, Reed Zimmer, and holding the Extreme title will be the driving force behind gaining a chance at a title with more prestige. I wrestle for pride, there is no lie about it, it is simple fact. However, I also wrestle for power. Let me break it down for you pea-brained Americans, the more matches you win, the more titles you hold, the more power you have. Being an outstanding butler is one thing, a thing I take great joy in being, being a champion and having control of what happens around you, this is something I strive for. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of fellows on the roster who have drive to be champion, who have the intestinal fortitude, however, none of them deserve this championship as much as I, William Black.”

A cocky smirk peels it's way onto the Butler's face yet again as just the mention of his name being on a championship belt is something he is very pleased over. Like a bullet from a gun, rain beings pouring down at outstanding speeds. William quickly whips the umbrella out from underneath his arm to it's rain deflecting form before snapping his wrist back, making the umbrella cover his head before even a single drop of rain touches one of his golden brown locks.

“With all of this being said, there is still one thing that is knocking around in my mind. This being, Alex Jester, horrible surname by the way, Aidan Raider, no matter who comes out of that match victorious, you best watch your backs. Come the wrath of hell or high water, one day, William Black will be the AWO's World Heavyweight Champion. Hopefully your bodies don't completely get ripped to shreds in your horrifyingly gimmick-filled ladder and barbed wire match. I may want the championship like no other, but even I wouldn't feel quite right taking it away from an opponent who is initially a horrid wrestler, but an injured one at that. Now, back to matters that are in this coming week, the pitiful excuse of a championship will, unfortunately, be mine after the Pay Per View, Barbed Consequences. I will also lay out all who oppose me, there is no holding back even though these men aren't even half of my caliber wrestling or character wise. In other words, gentlemen, please enjoy the pathetic dream of being the Extreme Champion while you can. I bet it's a nice feeling for all of you deplorable flag waving scum. Let's see, I've told off some pathetic wankers, check. I have told my intent to the AWO universe, check. I have made a promise... hmm, it appears I haven't yet. No matter, winning this match means little to me, so there is no point in promising anything about Barbed Consequences, but I will make a promise to be the holder of the World Heavyweight Title belt in the future. Well, when the AWO gets it's head out of its arse and gives me a bout for the championship I deserve rather than this poor excuse. However, I digress, I will see, and beat, you in the ring later this week, gentlemen.”

William Black cocks up an eyebrow before smirking once again. He then turns his back to the cameraman and begins to walk away, fading further and further away, William has left a bitter taste in every AWO star's mouth once again. Will this cocky man defeat all the other men in this barbaric match to become the Extreme Champion?
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PostSubject: Re: A Disappointed Butler.   Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:44 pm

LOVE this promo!
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A Disappointed Butler.
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