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 We Need a Hero

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PostSubject: We Need a Hero   Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:14 pm

Despite bruises and scars covering his body from his recent beating, Alex Kross was in his dingy gym, working out again. This time he was sparring with one of his students. As they completed the set, Kross hopped out of the ring and tossed a water bottle to his young trainee before sitting on the apron of the ring, looking out at the young men honing their bodies into weapons, doing everything they could to one day earn the right to call themselves professional wrestlers. A genuine, warm smile spread over his face, and he nodded as they slowed, and eventually stopped working out, then gathered, sitting on the mats at the side of the ring to listen to their teacher.

When you were a kid, and you went to the wrestling shows, and you dreamed of one day getting into this ring, how did you see yourself? Did you see yourself doing whatever it took to get or keep some belt? No! Did you see yourself jumping guys backstage to get ahead? No! You saw yourself charging out to the ring and cleaning up, knocking nefarious evil-doers aside left and right! When did we stop wanting that? When did we stop wanting to be the hero? It's a little sad, don't you think?

My Grandaddy told my Daddy, back in his day, a man had to answer for the wicked things he does. When people don't think the rules apply to them, then it's time for somebody to let them know that there is a greater justice beyond the rules.

I look at AWO, and I see this, more clearly than ever before. We've got some clown running around saying he's punishing evil for God, but so far the only thing I've seen him punish is the audiences who have to sit through his segments, and he sure isn't punishing his own psychotic partner! I see all of these little groups running around, trying to secure and protect what they see as their spot. I say it's time for the people with guts to stand up and say no more.

It's time for the workers in the AWO who are sick of this nonsense to be the hero. It's why we got into the business. Let's get the job done.
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We Need a Hero
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