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 Vengeance will take hold

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PostSubject: Vengeance will take hold   Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:01 am

The camera is shown in a dark room with a shady figure. The crowd believes it is Ric Payne so they begin to boo. The figure turns toward the camera and then the crowd realizes this is a new person entirely. He has a face masked with that of Kiss face paint, and wears a large jacket. The crowd is startled by his appearance and quiets instantly. The man in the video begins to speak with a raspy voice.

I am Vengeance. My name describes what I am here for. I will avenge those who have been wronged, and avenge myself in the process. I care not for titles or gold, they are only belts after all. I care for those who's careers have been ended, or have been wronged by the ref. If I happen to win a title in the process, I will not flaunt it around like I own the world. I will wear it to the ring, as is tradition, but nothing more. Those who flaunt around their title make themselves look like fools in my eyes. It is nothing more than an overrated belt that has been plastered with gold. Some of the greatest legends have never held a world title. People such as Roddy Piper, Ted DiBiase, Owen Hart, and Curt Henning are a few of these names. Without ever holding a world title they left legacies that will never be forgotten. Can the same be said for those who have held the title? Some people have been forgotten in history. People like Antonio Inoki, Stan Stasiak, and Ivan Koloff are a few name nobody will recognize. That is why I do not care for titles. They do not make a legend. Legends are made when they do things that will be remembered through out time. Who in AWO will be worthy of becoming a legend? Is there anybody? We will see. As for me, I will see you fans at Barbed Consequences.

The video then loses connection as the fans are still stunned at what they saw. The crowd still knows very little about this man other than his dislike of belts.
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Vengeance will take hold
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