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 A Haunting Message

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PostSubject: A Haunting Message   A Haunting Message EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 12:05 pm

The man once agains appears, he walks around in the same room as last time. The man was thinking about a certain individual that he has heard time and time again tarnish his name. The man leaves the room walking down the hallway leading outside to a graveyard. The man observes the tombstones and he shook his head in sorrow and pity. For the second time the man is getting ready to speak.

Unknown Man
Six more days until my arrival, chaos will brought on to AWO. The beginning of The End will come sooner than others for those certain people I will come for you. Don't ask for why because deep down in your souls you know why. On February 24th, 2012 you all will know fear, you all will know pain. There's noting to save you all from the fury I will unleash on Friday. No man will be safe from my wrath.

The man begins to walks over to a casket that's was getting ready to be burined undergound. The man puts his hand on the casket and begins to feel it, admmired by it's beauty the man once again begins to speak.

Unknown Man
I will tell you all now to put your mind at ease that the first man I'm gunning for is Anton Hinston. Anton you will meet your day of reckoning this little farce of yours is coming to an end. You will pay for these remarks you have made about me. For weeks for the fortelling of my arrival you have dove into depths that you shouldn't venture. Now you have showed the utmost disrespect of slandering my name. What is it Anton are you jealous that you're not the center of attention? Well, Anton I'll grant your wish, just think about it Anton you will be the center of attention. The thing that you crave, you will finally get. For your career so far Anton has been inadequate at best. Let's face it Anton your whole career has been about this HateClub, you claim that the people hate on you day in and day out but no they don't like me we don't hate you Anton. We actually feel sorry for you. The reason why we boo not out of hate, but out of pity. Anton, once you come into contact with me I'll end your misery in AWO.

The man begins to grin while feeling the texture of the casket.

Unknown Man
Anton your career is nothing more of a bad dream, a dream that I will soon exstinguish. I will put you through hell. Since it seems that you don't have a match at Barbed Consequences. I challenge you to a casket match. Anton Hinston, your end is coming, you will be the example of why people shouldn't mess with me. It's all coming to ahead Anton your date with destiny awaits. Everything you have worked for in your entire career will be buried along with and you will be nothing but a memory. I hope Anton that you find peace in the next world but then again I'm lying to you because your mind and soul will be torture you will find now peace and maybe Anton if you're lucky you will be born a new just like me. You will see the world in a different light as I. But only if you're lucky.

The man opens up the casket and inside was a picture of Anton Hinston and everything that he holds dear to him which is his career. The man closes the lid and begins to light a match, he and layed it on the casket and it was set on fire. Then the man backs up and kicks it into the hole where it was suppose to be in and the whole casket was set on fire with the things inside burnt to a crisp. Symbolizng the end of Anton's career is coming. The Man is seen walking into the shadows disapearring into the night while the cakset burns behind him. On the tombstone where the casket burns it reads:

Anton has met The End, No Mercy Will Be Shown To The Weak. The Flames of his so called hate was actually his own self pity and it has engulfed him into flames.

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A Haunting Message
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