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 Smackdown in a nut shell update.

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PostSmackdown in a nut shell update.

Decent episode this week, although It's been a long day so this post'll probably be shitty, I'll try to make it to it's usual standards. So this week marked the official completion of Brian Danielson's heel turn. He's officially da bad guy now. Big show came back after taking a break to cry over hurting AJ, and also Randy Orton made his return, I thought he was going to be gone for longer, I am disappoint. Anyway, allow me to get this over and done with...


First of all, here are the results from the show's matches:

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes def. Justin Gabriel
Sheamus def. Drew McIntyre
WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico def. Santino Marella and Yoshi Tatsu
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett ended in a No Contest
Hunico def. Ted DiBiase
Brodus Clay def. Alex Riley
Aksana def. Natalya
Big Show def. Mark Henry by Count-out

And now for other stuff that happened n'shit. Justin Gabriel seems to be getting a push in the right direction as he faced the Intercontinental Champion again this week, and although he may have jobbed, a match against the champ on Smackdown is better than a match against some jobber on Superstars, so he's moving on up, that's for sure. Cody and Justin may even lead to some kind of feud, judging by the fact that they've faced each other twice in a row now, maybe that will really push Justin up the leaderboard. Props to Justin.

I almost forgot to mention, the heel turn of Brian Danielson completed itself in the opening segment of the show this week. Big Show came out and apologised for what happened and was interrupted by the world champion, calling him a freak. Brian slapped Show around a little getting heat from the crowd before Big Show snapped and pushed him against the turnbuckle and called him an "Arrogant ass". Mark Henry then came out too and reminded them that (for some reason) he's involved in the match and they should be worrying about him, la-dee-da, Mr. Tag Team Teddy Long bursts on out screaming "Waitta minute! Waitta minute!" garbage, blah blah blah. SHOW VS HENRY

Drew Mcintyre was given another chance to redeem himself in which he once again failed to do. I don't know where this is going, but it can't be good. I remember when this happened to MVP. In the end they turned him face, let him be a nobody for a while then fired him. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen to Drew, he's good and it'd be a shame to see him go to waste... Wait, it's already happening. Drew's beyond saving now after this monstrous burial. shame.

Santino and Yoshi Tatsu have formed a team and believe it or not, it's actually not half bad. They're pretty funny. What with constantly bowing at each other and Santino messing around in the ring, good stuff. It's too bad they lost this week I'd like to see them be in contention for the tag titles. And I'm not even being sarcastic here, I'm being serious. Dead serious.

(Yeah, I know I'm being lazy and only posting full matches, but who cares.)

Randy Orton's return was nothing short of pointless, he simply came down to the ring, attacked Barrett, Barrett ran away and Orton RKO'd all the the people trying to hold him back. Made no sense, awful. That's all I have to say. This bit doesn't even deserve a youtube video or image. Next.

Brodus Clay faced Alex Riley, Alex busted some funkeh moves, dawg. But then he got squashed. Oops. The dancers are seriously still my favourite part of this whole gimmick, and one more thing. If I ever became a Christian, the first thing I'd ask of God is to make Brodus Clay realise how bad his attire is. You can SEE the shape of his genitals, and it's freaking disturbing, especially when he shakes around. I feel like I'm watching some kind of gay erotica. I shut the door when Brodus's matches are on, because they make me feel ashamed of wrestling. Because I can see his crotch. And the gimmick is cheesy.

Aksana made her debut on Smackdown and came out to that porno music that plays when she talks to Teddy Long. It was awkward to watch... I don't know, I think WWE are trying to turn the entire WWE Universe into sex pests or something. I mean you got Brodus Clay showing his dick cleavage off, then you have Aksana making some of the most OBVIOUS innuendos I've ever heard on PG programming, and also, coming out to the ring in basically lingerie, while porno music is playing. Hmmm... I might call and see if they converted it to a sex line or something. Maybe the next action figures will be able to slot into each other. Nah, I'm looking way too deeply into this. Lol "Deeply". Ok I'm done.

The main event was short, Mark Henry got tossed out of the ring within the first few minutes and got his ass counted out. It was pretty anti-climatic. Brian Danielson then went into the ring and attacked Big Show. I guess the point of this match was to generate as much heat for both Brian, and his feud with Big Show before Royal Rumble. The triple threat steel cage should be alright, I'm fully expecting Danielson to be the winner now that he's basing his heel run around being champ. Wrestlemania main evented by Brian Danielson will be a must see, I'll tell you that right now.

So yeah. Sorry this was late, but I had to attend my uncle's 50th today so I couldn't post it earlier this morning. Royal Rumble in a nut shell should be posted tomorrow once I've got in from school and watched it, although you'll all most likely be watching that one anyway.
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Smackdown in a nut shell update. :: Comments

Re: Smackdown in a nut shell update.
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Re: Smackdown in a nut shell update.
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Mark got hurt.
Re: Smackdown in a nut shell update.
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Smackdown in a nut shell update.

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