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 In It to Win It

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Phillip Phillips
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PostSubject: In It to Win It   Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:28 pm

The sweet sound of a guitar echoed through the arena as the crowd sat in silence. Suddenly, the acoustic arpeggios jolted to a stop, and the volume blew up as a row of fireworks blasted at the top of the ramp in front of Phillip Phillips, now standing in the arena as the electric guitar took over. The pyros faded away, and he marched down the ramp to the tempo of his new entrance music as his manager, Brooke Brooks, made her first appearance, skipping behind him. She waited aside as he entered the ring and grabbed a microphone, soaking in the nostalgia before raising it to his lips.

You know, in all my years of wrestling, I've learned something.

He paused and gazed around the arena, looking out at the crowd's reactions, trying to process what they were thinking before he went on to finish his sentence.

I've learned that complaining and whining and bitching will get you nowhere. It will not win you a title. It will not gain you fans. It will not give you ratings. It will not do jack shit for your career - at least, nothing positive. But I'm glad I know that now, because this week on Fusion I'm facing Randall Reaume and Ray Von Vanity for rights to the AWO World Heavyweight Championship, the day of its reopening. Now that's big.

The crowd cheered, excited for the reopening of Anarchy Wrestling Organization and its upcoming episode of Friday Night Fusion.

But what's even bigger is my determination. It's been a long time since I've had a shot at a world championship, and I really don't want to fuck this up for not only me, but you guys. The fans. Everything I've done, everything I'm doing, everything I will do... it's all for you.

Another pop was sent Phillip's way, even bigger than the last regarding his undeniable love for his many fans, who loudly returned the favor as they watched on in the American Airlines Arena.

Whether you like me or not, I'm here to be the very best and do what I can to entertain you, regardless of the match result. But that's later. Once I come back here with the world title. For now, I'll do whatever it takes to win that championship. The past few years my success rate has been falling, but I want to be able to show you guys that I'm still the same Phillip Phillips who popped up in UEW and won over your hearts so long ago. So, kids, make this moment last... it may be the last time you'll see me without a belt around my waist.

As Phillip dropped the microphone and began to exit the ring, the audience overpowered his new theme with a sort of goodbye, for the time being until they saw him again not too much later on the first episode of Fusion since AWO closed earlier in the year.
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In It to Win It
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