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 This Is The New Shit

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Ray Von Vanity
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PostSubject: This Is The New Shit   Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:22 pm

The intro of "Tourniquet" by Marilyn Manson began to play through out the arena. As soon as the first lyrics began to start, Ray Von Vanity came out on to the ramp. He climbed up to the turnbuckle to preform a taunt. Kaylee Hunter hands a microphone over to Ray.

"Cut the music. I'm not here to waste any of your time, so please. Listen up."

Ray glared at the crowd with a scrowl look on his face. The crowd repays him with a mixture of mainly boos and a few cheers.

"I am Ray Von Vanity...and I am one of the best. And I'm not trying to show off, hell, I can back up my words. I've been trained in mixed martial arts and I've been a few world wide wrestling promotions. And now I've set foot to AWO. One of the best companies out here today, if I do say so myself. I mean, I haven't even been here before and I already get in a world title tournament. Seriously, these guys know talent when they see it."

Ray pauses and winks at the camera. He continued without paying attention to the crowd's mixed reaction.

"Yes, a world title tournament. Against two of the biggest names in AWO history. You may know them already. Randy Reaume, and Phillip Phillips."

The crowd finally began to cheer after hearing the names Ray just said. He began to quite them down by signaling a finger in the air.

"And I've got a few words about these guys. So, listen up. Even if you've heard the story about a couple of million times."

"Randy Reaume claims himself a "Prodigy", but is that really so? Last time I saw, he was the reason WEW fell to the ground. He was also the one who literally forced the owners of WS to hand him over the world heavyweight championship. And it got him nowhere, once again, he let that company fall."

Ray took a short pause before continuing. He flipped his hair out of his face and began to speak.

"And the same goes for Phillip Phillips. He also let his own comany fall down. From what I've heard, his corrupt ways in EHDW is what caused it to fail. And now just after almost a few months later, he actually reopened it and formed "EHDW 2.0". Trust me. It's all gonna be the same."

Ray shook his head in disgust, while the crowd booed after his speech.

"So, lesson learned, both Randy nor P2 can properly run a wrestling organization. Arent I correct?"

The booing aroze. Ray began to lift his voice, almost to the point of shouting out.

"Silence! You guys know damn well these guys are true failures. And that word is something I've never been called in my whole life time. I'm an achiver. I can accomplish things. Here in AWO, there will be change. I will not back down. Sooner or later EVERYONE here will forever remember Ray Von Vanity as the savior of AWO. I am the next big thing. This is the new shit. I will be this company's next savior."

He dropped the microphone on the ring mat with a thud. "Tourniquet" blasted in the arena once more. Ray walked out the arena walking with his hands out to his side, once he reached the top of the stage, he screamed something inaudible. The crowd contiued their booing and the camera faded to black.

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This Is The New Shit
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