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 The Intro to the End

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A. F. Cross
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PostSubject: The Intro to the End   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:09 pm

The camera zooms in on a cool, metal door. In the center is a Missouri license plate, which reads "Austin Cross." It hangs at a slanted angle, probably because of how crudely it was nailed to the door. The cameraman knocks, and the door swings open before he removes his fist. But blocking the way in isn't Austin Cross. Instead, the cameraman is greeted by a tall young male, with medium-length blonde hair. His leather jacket is shined up, and matches the cocky grin plastered across his face. The cameraman mutters out an "Excuse me" before stepping aside so the man could pass. He snickers and leaves, but his spot is soon taken by Austin Cross.

Austin Cross
"So I see you met Kristofer... quite a future ahead for him. But I'll get to that in a bit... please, come in."

The cameraman obliges and sets up in front of a couch while Cross shuts the door and shimmies into the kitchen. He reaches into the fridge, pulls out two Mountain Dew Voltages, and slumps down on the couch, handing one two the cameraman.

Austin Cross
"Ahhh... feels good to take a break from business for a while. Know what I mean Todd?"

Todd the Cameraman chuckles and shakes the camera side to side.

Todd the Cameraman
"Not really, man. We don't really get vacation time. We're too busy snoopin' around backstage and tryin' to get our shot on the show."

They both share a laugh before Austin raises his bottle to Todd.

Austin Cross
"Well, here's both our chances to relax. To time off!"

They cling their beverages together and take a long gulp, Cross nearly draining half the contents away before taking a breath.

Austin Cross
"Well, I won't keep you hear for too long. Just have a few things to say. So, hmm... where should I start..."

He pauses for a second and taps his chin in thought, before a proverbially lightbulb goes off in his head, lighting his face up.

Austin Cross
"Let me get to this first. The man you just saw leaving my locker room? He's an old friend... used to run with him on the streets of St. Louis. A bad motherfucker, if you ask me. Once saw him knock a grown-man out with one punch when he was just 16. Didn't stop there, though. Kept beating the dude until we pulled him off... and then he went back for more! Haha, and Alex Jester called me deranged... But that's the past. Apparently he's cleaned his act up now. A bit more in control of his anger now it seems...."

Austin smiles and takes a quick drink, stretching out with a tired yawn on the couch.

Austin Cross
"Anyway, enough reminiscing. You want me to talk about the future, you want me to talk about my upcoming match at Fusion, you want me to talk about how I'm going to win the World Heavyweight Championship... but most off all, you want me to totally bury Alex Jester. Well, prepare to be indulged."

Cross winks at the camera and sits up, making an audible groan as he rests his head on his arm, supported by his knee. He stares condescendingly into the camera, speaking in a completely sarcastic voice.

Austin Cross
"Hi there AJ. This one is just for you. In your latest attempt at mattering, you somehow weaseled your way into some air time. And you spent that whole time using poor grammar, restating the same weak points, and constructing run-on sentences... which sadly is a great improvement for you. My colleague and I applaud you."

Austin hits two fingers against his palm, as Todd the Cameraman mutters "Bravo, bravo,"before they both bust out laughing. They continue this for a few moments, before Cross somehow regains enough composure to talk.

Austin Cross
"Even I'm that good of an actor. I mean, seriously Alex. You called me deranged like it's an insult. You brought up the fact that I horribly injured Cole Scorpio, expecting the fans to take your side... but no, they didn't. Want to know why?"

He stands up, and with every word he says slaps his hands together in a loud clap.

Austin Cross
"Because the fans realize that aggression is because I want to succeed. Tell me this, Jester. Have you been successful? How many championships have you won? Do the fans like you? No need to answer, because we already know it. You're unfit to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. You're unfit to challenge for any title, really... enough. Enough of your bullshit, AJ. Once you are actually good enough to hold my jockstrap, you can talk to me. Until then, you might want to reset your focus on a title you can actually win. The Sirens Championship."

Todd grabs the camera and stands up, extending his hand to Austin. Cross shakes it and smiles, and the say their goodbyes. As the Todd walks out the door, Kristofer steps out from the shadows and slinks past, nearly giving him a heart attack. The camera fades to black as Kris looks at it with an evil grin...

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The Intro to the End
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