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 A true leader

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PostSubject: A true leader   Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:19 pm

The camera fades up on Alex Jester who is standing in the middle of the ring, holding a mic in hand, he stares at the crowd for 5 seconds before he raises his arm up and smiles, the crowd starts booing loudly, some of them cheering but the amount of boos is clearly higher which makes the cheers barely audible. AJ raises the mic to his mouth and starts speaking.

Alex Jester:
For those of you who followed AWO in the past, you should all know who I am by now. And for those of you who are watching AWO for the first time, let me tell you who I am... I am the reason why the other group is still watching AWO, I am the reason why they wake up early everyday to check AWO news and rumors, I am the former Number 1 contender for the world heavyweight championship and I will be the next world heavyweight champion, let me give you a short brief on what is going to happen, tonight I am going to face the mentally deranged Austin Cross for a chance to be in the World Heavyweight championship match, I've already made it there once despite all the times I was lied to, all the times I've been disrespected by my co-workers, and especially by all of you deceitful goons which makes me a Ten times better man than Austin Cross, the man who has no honor, the man who can't take a defeat. That's why I'll make sure to whip him as hard as I can, he won't even be able to get back on his feet on his own power after the match, because you can never predict what a psycho would do after he loses a match. In fact, in Austin Cross' case, I can. This guy would intentionally try to disfigure the man who beat him, just look at what he did to Cole Scorpio, he nearly cost him his career because he simply couldn't take a defeat.

Alex Jester chuckles before he continues...

And this guy wants to be the king of this company? Austin, you have zero honor, which makes you the least suitable man to be the king of this place. What these people need is a strong leader, you need a strong leader that's gonna carry the banner of the World Heavyweight Championship with honor, with pride, respect, honesty, dignity, integrity and class. And I will be the man who will give you what you need, I am going to be your conqueror, and the first victim of my campaign is Austin Cross, I will destroy all his hopes and dreams to be a world champion, tonight I will beat Austin Cross and I will beat whoever I face for the world heavyweight championship, and give you all what you need...Alex Jester!

Alex Jester smiles while he drops the mic. He gets out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp before the camera fades black.
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A true leader
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