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 Daily Dose of Reality

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Zeke Nero
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Daily Dose of Reality   Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:04 am

The crowd inside the American Airlines Arena as the smoke from the pyro clears. The fans still cheering for the revival of AWO after the press conference. Many of their favorites showed up. But tonight is the official night of AWO. Tonight is a spectacle where new champions are crowned.

The lights and and audience is lively, but are soon interrupted by a video package. It shows the acts of Nero from him burning down and old abandoned shack, to destroying the PWD arena with an axe, and lastly the short lived alliance of Nero, and Serikaz. A countdown starts, and the audience readies their selves to boo the living hell out of the Most Hated Man in AWO. The countdown ends and out comes Nero with a wide grin, smiling at the crowds failed attempt to phase him. Nero grabs a microphone before getting in the ring.

Zeke Nero
We're Back! Now I know what the hell is this guy doing trying to win the Extreme Championship. Well my little fucks I'm not trying I am going to win. Now before I came out here tonight I had a plan I was going to reteach my message about bringing a revolution here in AWO. Then I saw Anton Hinston come out here a just talk nonsense and I apologize to the janitors in the back who have to clean the vomit up in that locker room. But back to reteaching all of you ignorant people about my vision of revolutionizing this beautiful industry. You see my plan is take my status to the next level, never will I be left in the shadows again. And yes I know I've been put in a title match, so I haven't got the right to complain about being left in the shadows. But that is where you are wrong, you see they did just to get me to shut up.

Nero pulls his hair back, and takes a deep breath

They want me to act like they never left me out, but I remember. I remember the times I was supposed to get my name up in lights but there is always that someone who thought I wasn't good enough. And the next thing I know they tell me that I've been snubbed, by someone with not as much talent as I do. I was angry, enraged, I did heinous stuff until I realized I shouldn't be doing this. No I shouldn't have do any of that because I didn't realize that it was all corporate's fault. They made the decision, they didn't want to lose their "popular" superstar. They screwed me over, they showed that they care more about keeping "popular" superstars then they do about real talent. They have shown their true colors. They even know about this revolution, but they are too busy on their high chairs thinking that this is just a little fad, that this will blow over without repercussion. No they are wrong I'll show all of them tonight as one of their golden boys fall.

Nero takes another deep breath, and listens to the boos from the corporate's brain washed "fans". He starts to laugh at the ignorance from them.

I laugh at the damn shame of pitiful fans we have here. They boo me for speaking the truth about their heroes, such as, what does he call himself "The Danish Dream"? What the hell Anton. Listen to yourself, you blindly give yourself to these people. Watch Anton once you lose this match, these "fans" will not think of you as the "hero" you once were. Then they are not going to give a damn, they are not going to stand by you. And once that happens the "Golden Boy" that corporate thought you were is going to go and once that goes your going to be at the bottom of the barrel like I am now because of them. But until you don't see that I'll be gladly to take that championship away from you and then show you firsthand by what I'm talking about.

Nero drops the microphone on the ground, and leaves the ring, listening to the boos as he makes his way backstage.
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Daily Dose of Reality
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