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 This Kingdom Needs A King

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A. F. Cross
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PostSubject: This Kingdom Needs A King   Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:35 pm

The camera slowly fades onto the Anarchy Wrestling Organization interview area. Kaylee Hunter is seen twirling her hair, happily chatting with Austin Cross, who is leaning against the wall. His signature band t-shirt and ripped jeans are replaced by a casual suit, but his Converse remain in their spot. After a few moments, Cross hands Kaylee his phone. She smiles, and when she's done doing whatever, hands it back. She clears her throat and turns to the camera, counting down with her hand. The cameraman chuckles.

No need, we've been recording for a few minutes now.

Kaylee ignores him, but she's embarrassed, made evident by the bright red shade burning on her cheeks. After composing herself, she jumps into the interview.

Kaylee Hunter
Hello ladies and gentleman, I'm here along with the man who will be main-eventing the return episode of Fusion, Austin Cross. Welcome, Mr. Cross.

Austin Cross
Thank you, feels amazing to be back.

Kaylee Hunter
Good to have you. So what do you think of Anarchy Wrestling Organization returning?

Austin Cross
Honestly, despite me only having moderate success here, AWO was always my favorite promotion. The energy, the adrenaline I got while preforming here was hundreds of times more intense than other places. I think it has something to do with how tenacious these fans are, how blood thirsty they are... and I like that.

He pauses and scratches his beard, and then continues.

In wrestling, this place could be considered a kingdom... well, almost. What is a kingdom without a king? That's where I come in. A lot of companies fall, because their "star" just wasn't good enough. A incompetent champion can break an organization, and I will not let that happen here. I am going to do my best to win that championship... and if that's not enough, I'll do more. I'll cheat my way to the top, if I have to. But seeing as who my competition is... I probably won't have to.

As Kaylee talks, Austin takes a swig of Mountain Dew, holding it so that the camera can catch a glimpse of the logo.

Kaylee Hunter
Which leads into my next question... what do you think of Alex Jester?

Austin Cross almost spits the soda out of his mouth, but narrowly keeps it in. He swallows, and then chuckles, before finally answering.

Austin Cross
I almost forgot. Alex Jester.. I'm facing Alex Jester. The only reason I know him is because of how hard his Bane gimmick failed... but hey, when you're as dry and generic as him, you'll try anything to get your name out there. And apparently this place really went to shit when I left, because I heard he was actually in contention for the World Championship back then too... and once again failed miserably. But hey... we all have our slumps. Sadly, looks like he won't be getting over his on Fusion though.

Cross winks at Kaylee, and once again takes a swig of his drink.

Kaylee Hunter
Interesting... what do you think of it being a Tables Match?

Austin wipes his mouth and smirks.

Austin Cross
Before I answer that, lets just take a moment to think about what a table is. Sturdy wood used to support things, to hold them up, to not break. Now, think of what if feels like to be slammed through something like that. Doesn't sound like it would feel good, right? Now, imagine being slammed through it by someone who wants, needs to do it in order to help their future... get what I'm putting down. Being put through a table hurts.

He once again stops and takes a drink, finishing off the bottle and tossing it behind him.

And this is one of the most unpredictable matches there is. It doesn't take 3 seconds to end. You can't get counted out. And you can't give up. It can stop at any moment, just the slightest mistake could end up with your being hurled through a table... and I don't make mistakes.

The camera zooms in on Austin as he walks away, fading to black...

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This Kingdom Needs A King
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