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 The Vision - Episode 2

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Randall Reaume
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PostSubject: The Vision - Episode 2   Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:13 pm

The camera panned to an arena in Chicago, with Randy Reaume standing in the center of the arena, in front of two couches. He had a headset mic on and started talking about the night's Vision show.

RANDY REAUME: Hey, hey, hey, Chicago, we are here in the second episode of The Vision. Recently, Fusion 19's card was announced on the official AWO website and as AWO's slogan says, champions will be crowned and icons will be made. And, I have three guests here that are integral to the Anarchy. My first guest tonight will be Phillip Phillips, my former stablemate and a close friend of mine.

Phillip Phillips walked into the room, waving and grinning at the live studio audience as he made his way over to where Randy was sitting. He brushed off his pants a bit, then sat down next to Randy and turned to him to speak.

PHILLIP PHILLIPS: Hey, Randy. Thanks for having me.

RANDY REAUME: Thanks for coming, Phillip. I half didn't expect you to because of our differences at the end of Wrestling Syndication. Speaking of that, my first question for you tonight: Are you going to do something similar to the Next Generation Saviors in AWO?

PHILLIP PHILLIPS: You know Randy, that's actually a pretty good question. Quite frankly, I'm not really sure yet. I don't have a whole lot planned for AWO yet, I think I'm just gonna play it by ear for the time being. We'll see.

RANDY REAUME: Alright. Hopefully it will go better than the last time if you do attempt it. Also, do you have any plans for challenging for any vacant titles? The World Title, Intercontinental title, Extreme title?

PHILLIP PHILLIPS: Yes, actually. As you may have noticed, I'm beginning to grow more "fragile", and have been facing more injuries. Now, I don't know how much longer my career is going to last, and I'm not implying any resignment any time soon - at least, not as far as I'm concerned - but I would like to have one more title before my career is over, and what better place to win it than AWO, a place where I've already made my mark?

RANDY REAUME: You raise some strong points, Phillip. Speaking of your health, have the doctors ruled you 100% capable of wrestling?

PHILLIP PHILLIPS: At the current time, yes, I should be in well enough physical condition to compete in my signature brutal stipulations that we all know and love.

RANDY REAUME: Alright, good to know. Since everyone out here in Chicago seem to be your fans, I'm going to bring up a similar point that I brought up with Mike Cole. We're both what the wrestling community would call "Tweeners". Are you leaning towards heel or face, at the present time? Do you like the audience or not? I think Chicago would like clarification about this subject.

PHILLIP PHILLIPS: I don't know. For now I'm pretty good with the crowd, especially over here. I love Chicago, and the Cubs. My dad grew up here, so as a kid we visited yearly. For now I have no problem with them, but we'll see how it shapes up to be once I start wrestling.

RANDY REAUME: Alright. I'm sure Chicago is pleased to hear that. I, myself, am beginning to build a cult of people who like me in the audience that grows more and more by the day, though I don't consider myself a full-fledged 'face' yet. It's an odd situation. So, Phillip, one last question before we introduce our next participant. What was your stance on the Elimination Chamber match that never happened in Wrestling Syndication?

PHILLIP PHILLIPS: You know, it's hard to say since it never actually happened. I'm sure it would've turned out fine, but it all just happened so quickly and during a time of trouble, I don't know how it would all come together in the end. But I guess we'll never know.

RANDY REAUME: Alright, this has certainly been an interesting interview. I hope to see you again on The Vision soon. Maybe even as our first World Champion.

PHILLIP PHILLIPS: Thanks Randy, it was great being here. I guess we can only hope.


RANDY REAUME: Welcome back to The Vision, hosted by your own resident Visionary, Randy Reaume. Our next guest is a person that beat me multiple times, once fairly and one...not-so-fairly. His name, some of you may know it, is Blaze Griffin.

Blaze Griffin walks onto the set, slapping hands as he walks up to the stage. He turns and tosses his hat into the audience as he dives backwards into the recently vacated couch, nearly tipping it in the process.

BLAZE GRIFFIN: Well, this is a bit of a different environment than the last time we met, eh Randy?

RANDY REAUME: Indeed. And I prefer this to the Cell anyway, but nonetheless, thanks for being here, Blaze. I know we have a storied past, but tonight we'll put all that behind us, this is just going to be a regular interview. So, what do you hope to accomplish in this 'revival' of AWO?

BLAZE GRIFFIN:Well, it's basically like I said in the press conference. I'm here to win some matches, make some memories, and with any luck win a title or two along the way. Seeing how I kinda blew it in WS, I'm thinking of this as my redemption.

RANDY REAUME: I see what you mean. Do you think your victories over me got you over as a superstar at all?

BLAZE GRIFFIN: I believe that facing you in the cell, and our other encounters, got me over a lot. They definitely taught me what can be necessary to go far in this business, and how destructive it can be. Not to mention that your fall through the cell, and my dive right afterwards, made some memories that no one is ever likely to forget.

RANDY REAUME: Well, Blaze, I know that you're an entirely talented competitor. What do you think of AWO's owner, Damon Moore?

BLAZE GRIFFIN:Well, I haven't really gotten the chance to interact with him, so I don't have an answer to that. But in my book, he's fine until he gives me a reason to think otherwise. Everyone's got a clean slate.

RANDY REAUME: Interesting answer. Well, Blaze, I have one last question before we bring in our next guest, Austin Cross, what do you think about Rose London possibly being the General Manager again?

BLAZE GRIFFIN:I wasn't around for the old AWO, so I'm not really sure. Based on what I've heard, she's not who I'd choose to put as GM. But hey, like I said everyone gets a clean slate. I wish her the best of luck.


RANDY REAUME: Welcome back to The Vision, and tonight we have one last guest, former owner of Wrestling Syndication and NEW, Austin Cross.

RANDY REAUME: So, thanks for coming to the show, Austin.

AUSTIN CROSS: Of course I would come. Just gives me another chance to see that beautiful face of yours.

RANDY REAUME: Well, tonight I have a few questions for you as part of our interview, first being is your grudge against Phillip Phillips still withstanding?

AUSTIN CROSS: I figured this would be brought up. Me and Phillip Phillips don't exactly see eye to eye at all times, and the last time wrestling saw us on TV together, we were beating each others faces in. Take that as you will.

RANDY REAUME: Interesting. And what do you think of Rose London possibly picking up the role as GM of Fusion?

AUSTIN CROSS: Honestly? I think I might get along with management for once, seeing as the potential GM whores herself around more than Xavier Serikaz sucked dick... Actually, I doubt that's possible. But, on a serious note. I wasn't around to see her take control the first time, but I heard what went down, and at the very least it could be... interesting.

RANDY REAUME: Alright, and do you have any plans, right now, to go for the AWO world title?

AUSTIN CROSS: Well. It's every kids dream to become a professional wrestler... and it's every wrestler's dream to become a champion. I was the Unstoppable Extreme Mayhem Global Champion, an EHDW Tag-Team Champion, an EHDW Hardcore Champion, and a Wrestling Syndication International Champion. As you can see... I've accomplished quite a lot. But not enough. Every man strives to be the best, and I've teetered on the edge for a while... it's about time Austin Cross finally made it there.

RANDY REAUME: I wish you luck.. And, what do you think of our owner, Damon Moore?

AUSTIN CROSS: Like me and most other people in this company, me and Damon have had our differences. But I credit him for really opening my eyes, awakening, if you will, me to my problems. And for that, I thank him, and he has my full support in anything he wants to do in this company.

RANDY REAUME: Well, thanks for the interview, I wish you luck in AWO and I will see you all in Chicago next week on The Vision, where the backlash of Fusion 19 will be addressed here on Fusion. I will interview either Mike Cole or Blaze Griffin as International champion, the winner of the Main Event, and the Extreme Champion, live here on The Damon Moore said, champions will be crowned, icons will be made, and people will be interviewed next week on The Vision.
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The Vision - Episode 2
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