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 Back bitchachos

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PostSubject: Back bitchachos   Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:47 pm

Friday Night Fusion, the 21st of September.
A sold out crowd in the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida awaits a show which has been crossed out in calenders all over U.S.A and wrestling fans from all over has come to watch the rebirth of AWO, the once so great promotion. A lot of water have run under the bridge since the first show of AWO, but the same passion is shown from the fans in attendance for AWO, all sitting with T-Shirts, signs and other merchandize. The fans know a lot of the names on the new AWO; Phillip Phillips, Aiden Raider, Randy Reamue, Mike Cole, Alex Jester and all of those characters, but a lot of names haven't been seen around the halls and a lot of fans will go home with a ''meh''-feeling if their favorite AWO superstar doesn't make an appearance on today's show.

The light dims down in the arena and the spotlight focuses on the huge-ass TV-screen that normally shows the wrestlers entrance video. The screen only shows black, but all the lights focused on it make it look almost grey. A couple of seconds go by and a sentence slowly starts to fade on the TV-screen:

And, thinking about him and what He said, never quit or stop for anyone.

The four words continue to be shown for ten seconds, and then they slowly start to fade out. But not every letter, some stood back, and the letters that did moved closer to each other to form the two words:

Anton Hinston


After a couple of seconds of screaming, he finally gave the fans what they wanted:

The crowd exploded and cheered at the top of their lungs for the man now running out from behind the curtains, Anton Hinston. As said, he ran out, but stopped on the ramp and looked on the crowd. He nodded to himself and continued to walk towards the ring. He entered, got a mic, but waited some time before he started talking:

Anton Hinston
Oh my god it feels great to be back. After AWO I had this feeling... This feeling that it just wasn't worth staying in shape, being on the road and almost killing myself every week. I got many calls from the owners of WEW, Wrestling Syndication, believe it or not, EHDW again and many other promotions, but only one man could get me back into wrestling, and that guy is my friend, Damon. He told me that he was re-opening AWO and that he really wanted me to be a part of this, and I said yes.

The fans cheered for his decision to re-join AWO.

Anton Hinston
.. And just by walking out here I remembered why I started wrestling. That buzz was better than any.. Uhm, yeah, the ''S'' word. Oh, I can swear? Yeah, better than any sex I have ever had. I haven't watched every show in WEW and Wrestling Syndication, and I don't care what happened there, what's important is what happens next: Anton Hinston. I'm not ''the next big thing'' or ''the Prodigy'', I am a phoenix that has risen once again to take over AWO and that take over starts tonight when I face a man I have seen wrestle, but never had the joy to face. Zeke, I might be the Danish Dream, but tonight? Tonight I'm yourDanish Nightmare. When I go into the ring I might have some rust to dust off my shoulders, but after just a couple of seconds of hearing these great fans cheering my name, and seeing the Extreme Championship once again, and that rust will be gone along with your hopes of winning the match. I hope all training you have had the chance to have while I was gone can do miracles, because that's what you'll need. But, I can talk all night long, that won't give me the win. I have to focus on myself, on what I need to do. I need to concentrate and demolish. I respect you Zeke, you'll amount to something, I'm sure, but Extreme Champion is something you won't be as long as I am anywhere near it.

Anton drops the mic and the fans errupt in cheers, singing his name and clapping.
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Back bitchachos
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