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 The Rebirth

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PostSubject: The Rebirth   Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:42 pm

The lights went dim in the arena before an image slowly appeared on the titantron.

"I am the fastest rising superstar in AWO..."

That image slowly faded in more but it was still unclear what it was.

"I am a prodigy..."

The image had then appeared fully, as the people of Miami started cheering. It was an image of someone who's face had been blurred out in the Anaconda Vice at the hands of The Visionary and Savior of AWO, Randy Reaume.

"Future world champion..."

That image was then cut off the screen as old clips from AWO started to play.

"Welcome to the new age..."

The lights then totally turned off for a second before 'Falling Apart' started playing throughout the arena and fireworks shot off at the stage as the crowd went wild. Randy then appeared on the stage and smirked as he walked out to the ring, tossing his baseball cap to someone in the audience. He got in the ring, grabbe a microphone, and started to speak.

Presentation...that's the advice Damon Moore gave me as he booked me to lose my first three matches in AWO. 'Presentation'. Am I 'presenting' enough now, Damon? Apparently, yes, because I'm in the world title hunt. Which is great because AWO probably won't go down due to bad ownership before I can get my hands on it. There's a lot of things wrong with Damon Moore, I'll give you that, but those things do not include bad ownership skills, as you can see with me being in the World Title hunt. Of course, this is the only time I've ever been in the world title hunt in a federation that wasn't a fallacy. Let's take Phillip Phillips for example. His world title fallacy was in SWE, which of course was the biggest fallacy you could ever think of, besides maybe FWE. There's a lot of things that Phillip Phillips is good at, but I'm not going to hang those out because all you people care about is the real Phillip Phillips. The bad side of Mr. Phillips, which I will shortly address. First of all, he ran EHDW, which kind of speaks for itself. I mean, he hasn't joined FWE yet, which gives me a little hope in him, but honestly? He's the biggest fallacy I've even mentioned in this little 'rant'.

Randy laughs a bit and leans against the ropes, speaking a bit more.

Since my sole work now resides in AWO, Phillip Phillips and Ray Von Vanity can almost already consider themselves losers. I could probably name two or three people that deserve this spot more than Ray Von Vanity, one of them being Mike Cole, but of course I'm not the booker around here so I can't do a damn thing about it. I'll just pin either one of them, honestly I don't care who because I can beat either one of them, and maybe, just maybe, I'll finally make Phillip Phillips tap out. I've always wanted to do that, ever since he crassly interrupted my last promo in the Wrestling Syndication, ever since he decided that just because I was in his stable I had to pander up to him..and of course, ever since EHDW, where he insipidly booked himself to win a title just to lose it two days later because he had to have his fifteen minutes of fame. Well, you get no fifteen minutes of fame this time, Phillip. This time you're going to be tapping out to the twenty-first century and wishing EHDW 2.0 hadn't miserably failed. Maybe I'll make Ray Von Vanity tap out. Maybe I'll make the rookie regret he even started to wrestle here. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll stay in the back and watch the two of them beat each other up and SECURE my spot in the World Title tournament, but I'd only do that if I were scared.

Randy then laughs some more, having to regain his composure before going on.

Oh, and let's talk about EHDW. The booker that Phillip Phillips was. You know, federations reside on the promos that people cut before the matches. EHDW didn't. You go up and ask Phillip to win the match backstage and if he thinks it's good for ratings or his ego, he lets it happen. There's really nothing to even say about that besides, of course, it was awful. It was an awful excuse for a company and if Phillip Phillips thinks he can get some sort of revenge on it on AWO for not letting it happen a second time, that's great. I'm glad it didn't happen a second time because he would have probably booked himself to win the world title just so I could win it a minute later, and when my opponent asked to win for "storyline reasons" in the back, he probably would have gotten his wish. I'm glad I'm here, and I'm glad that my sole preference is this federation. Of course, yeah, I'm signed to some other feds, but do you really think I'm going to show? If you want to watch The Visionary, tune into Fusion. Then you'll wish you had gone live and hadn't bought those tickets to Frontline Disappointment instead. My vision is a certain blonde-headed egotistical prick tapping the mat with all his strength asking me to let go. Those were the words of a visionary.
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The Rebirth
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