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 Austin Cross vs Mike Cole

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PostSubject: Austin Cross vs Mike Cole   Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:13 pm

Mike Cole's theme hits and he steps out onto the stage. The crowd erupts with cheers and boos, the majority of it being boos. He shakes his head and heads down to the ring. He slides in and stretches in the middle, completely focused on the task at hand.

Machine Gun Blues starts playing over the loud speaker, but it's drowned out by the massive amount of cheers. The lights strobe along to the guitar as Austin Cross steps out on stage, his signature Social Distortion shirt hanging loosely around his neck. He kneels down, swirling his hand around on the stage, as if playing in dirt, before standing back up and throwing the imaginary substance at the ring, begin the short run down. Cross slaps hands as he goes, sliding into the ring gracefully, raising his fists at Mike Cole as if to warn him not to do anything. Austin tosses the shirt into the crowd, and awaits for Chance Davis to enter.

After a few moments of just standing around, This Is Gonna Hurt begins playing, and everyone looks around, astonished. This theme doesn't belong to Chance Davis... it belongs to Ken Hendrix!

Ken steps out on stage, twirling a microphone in his hands, smiling at the two men in the ring. As he talks, he walks around on the stage.

"Hello ladies, gentleman, and my two favorite employees in the ring! My name is Ken Hendrix, but you already know that, seeing as this is my company. Anyway, to be blunt, Chance Davis won't be competing tonight. In fact, he's not even here. He has the day off!"

Boos rain down, and Ken smiles and waves his arms, motioning for them to keep it down.

"Hey, hey. Let me finish. Instead, he will face the winner of tonight's match NEXT WEEK, with the championship on the line! How do you like THAT?"

Cheers ring out, but some boos are still audible. Ken taps his chin, frowning. His face brightens up suddenly, and he yells into the mic.

"I want everyone to be happy... so how about this? TONIGHT'S MATCH IS GOING TO BE A FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH!"

Now everyone cheers and Mr. Hendrix raises his arms and leaves the stage. Austin Cross turns around to stare at Mike Cole, a smirk pulling at his lips as he makes a guitar playing motion, and proceeds to make-believe smash it. Cole cracks his knuckles and motions for him to bring it on as the bell rings.


Immediately Cross and Cole lock up, looking to gain the upper-hand early. Mike rakes Cross' face and rolls out of the ring, searching for a weapon under the mat. This enrages Austin, who sets up a perfectly timed baseball slide, rebounding off the ropes and planting both of his boots into Mike's face, who had found a steel chair. This sends him sprawling into the steel barricade, and Austin was going so fast he slid out to, landing on his feet. He raises his arms and picks up the steel chair, tossing it into the ring. He rolls Mike Cole into the ring and grabs another from ringside, sliding into the ring. By now, Mike Cole had got to his feet, still wobbly from the kick. Austin raises his chair to strike, but Cole kicks out fast, delivering his toe to Cross' stomach.

He reaches out and grabs the doubled-over Austin by the neck and swings out, delivering a huge neckbreaker. Austin lands on a steel chair, which doubles the damage. Mike sees his chance and delivers thee consecutive elbow drops onto Austin before grabbing a chair and closing it on his arm. He's wasting no time in trying to end this match, hungry for the International Championship.

Mike climbs onto the top turnbuckle, lining up his shit directly. He leaps, but meets two knees when he lands. Austin pushes the chair off his arm, and kicks Cole in the back, grabbing the chair and swinging, striking him once again in the back. Cole rolls around in pain, and Austin raises the chair to the sky, to the delight of the fans. He runs and rebounds off the ropes, jumping and delivering a 450 Splash to Mike Cole, with the chair in between them adding more damage. This hurts both of them, and Cross rolls out of the ring. After a few moments of recovery, he pulls a table out from under the ring. He pushes it between the ropes and pulls something else out. A gas can! He tosses that over the ropes and slides in, meeting Cole when he gets in. Mike picks him up and slams him, hitting the spinebuster. He sets up the table in the corner, opening one set of legs and placing them on each side of the ringpost.

Cole drags Cross over to the table and places his head in between his legs, pulling his arms up and locking them together. He lifts him up and tosses him back, but Cross lands on the ropes on his feet, narrowly reversing the tigerbomb. Mike turns around and gets hit with a moonsault, sending him down to the mat with a loud slam. Even Austin is surprised, and the look on his face is a mixture of joy and relief. He stumbles over to the can of gas and pours it all over the table. He lights a match and tosses it on the wood, sending the table ablaze. Out of nowhere, Chance Davis hops the barricade with a light tube, sliding into the ring and charging Austin Cross. He swings wildly, but Cross ducks and sweeps his feet. But just like Chance's appearance, Mike Cole jumps up and slams Austin's head down with a Cole Finale out of nowhere! The crowd erupts with anticipation, expecting to see a new champion right now!

Sonny Heroin runs down the ramp and jumps into the ring, jumping and kicking Mike Cole before he could pin Cross. He raises his fists and is ready to duke it out with Mike, who wants none of it. But Chance Davis does, who jumps and delivers a double-knee backbreaker to Sonny, sending him to the ringside. Chance Davis' head meets a glass tube when he turns around and extends his hand to Cole, who doesn't appear to trust him. Mike picks him and does his finisher, the Colebreaker, knocking him out cold. Cross leaps up and grabs him, pulling him into a reverse fireman's carry. He jumps and delivers an inverted Death Valley Driver through the flaming table, the pieces of ignited wood shooting out everywhere. Austin jumps on top of him and counts with the referee.



Austin rolls out of the ring and over to the commentary table, taking the International Championship from the timekeeper and pressing it to his chest. He climbs onto the table and raises it the sky as the fans chant his name. Sonny Heroin joins him up the raising his other arm and patting his back. Austin kisses the title, and begins crying tears of joy as the words "AND YOUR NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION...... AUSTIN CROSS!" reaches his ears.
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Austin Cross vs Mike Cole
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