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 Randy vs Zeke

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PostSubject: Randy vs Zeke   Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:12 pm

"The Visionary" steps out onto the stage, accompanied by Andria Andrews and loud boos. The Savior doesn't seem to care, as the determined look on his face doesn't change as he walks down the ramp, sliding into the ring with intent. He takes his shirt off and waves his arms, waiting for his opponent.

Zeke Nero steps out onstage, a smirk on his face. He taunts Randy for a few moments before taking his time walking down to the ring. He paces around the ring before sliding in, making sure Reaume wasn't going to ambush him.

Randy and Zeke lock up, both looking for the advantage early on. After a struggle, Zeke breaks off and runs to rebound off the ropes. When he's launched back, Reaume leapfrogs over. Nero once again bounces off the ropes, but this time gets hit with a big roundhouse kick when he returns. Randy takes his chance, kicking Zeke in the gut until he stands up. He runs forward, driving his knee into Nero's forhead. Andria cheers him on, slapping the mat as the crowd lets loose a flurry of boos. Randy picks a groggy Zeke up, standing him up. He backs up, then runs and goes for a big enzuiguri. Nero ducks and grabs him, rolling him up into a schoolboy.


Zeke rolls out of the ring as an enraged Randy gets to his feet. He follows him out, running after him. He throws his arm out, but Nero ducks, pulling him into a neckbreaker on the hard concrete. He then slides into the ring, leaning on the ropes resting until Reaume gets back into the ring. By now they've both taken a substantial amount of damage, and they look pretty sloppy as they lock back up. Reaume throws a knee into Zeke's gut, pulling him up into a Powerbomb position. He slams him down one, two, three times before letting him go! He taunts Zeke, who manages to pull himself to his feet with assistance from the ropes. Reaume lets loose a yell before running and delivering The Vision to Nero. He grabs his arm and pulls it behind his head, locking in The 21st Century. Nero taps almost immediately.

Andria Andrews rushes in and raises Randy's arm as he chants Visionary. Rage fades to commercial as Randy celebrates his big win in the middle of the ring.

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Randy vs Zeke
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