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||RAGE|| EPISODE 1  Empty
PostSubject: ||RAGE|| EPISODE 1    ||RAGE|| EPISODE 1  EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 10:29 pm

Ring Announcer- Ladies and gentlemen! this is your first Wrestling Syndication match of the evening! Please welcome from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at 180 pounds he is THEEE WINDDDYY CITTYYY WILDDCATTT!!

(Blue and orange pyro erupts as Blaze comes out with his head down, hood of his ring jacket over it, and stands in the middle of the stage with his arms out straight to each side. He pauses here, and then throws his hood off while holding his hands out in front and pointing to his palm, in his signature taunt. He then walks down the ramp, slapping hands, before jumping up on to the apron, and then jumping up, corkscrewing in mid-air, springboarding off the ropes on his thighs, doing a backflip and landing on his feet in the ring He then poses with the same taunt on the turnbuckle.)

Ring Announcer- And his opponent! From Weed, California!! weighing in at 165 pounds SONNNYYYY HERROOOIINNN!!

("The Murderer" by Alesana blast trough the Frank Erwin Center, fans give him a mix reaction as Sonny Heroin emerges from the smoky ramp and shows a cold stare to the crowd. He slowly walks down to the ring and taunts to the crowd. He slides into the ring and poses in the middle of the ring. He then waits for the ref to start the match)

Sonny Heroin and Blaze Griffin stare at each other until the referee rings the bell to start the match. Sonny Heroin goes for a takedown early in the match. But blaze uses his agility to his advantage and gets out of the takedown . Blaze gives of a smile then runs at sonny and hit a Neckbreaker he goes for the pin

One ... Tw ..

But Sonny kicks out. Blaze picks sonny up but sonny pushes blaze right into the referee. Sonny then with a open chance he kicks blaze in the yambags. Sonny delivers multiple stomps to blazes chest. He then applies the chokehold. He then picks up a beaten up blaze and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle and delivers a running knee to the face followed by a forehead bite. The referee finally gets up in time to see that sonny is biting his opponent and pushes him off blaze giving him a warning. Sonny smiles at the referee and picks up blaze he Irish whips him again on the ropes but this time blaze ducks and hits sonny with a Double knee driver. Both now are on the floor unconscious. The ref starts to count

One .. Two ... Three .. Four ... Five ... Six ... Sev..

But Sonny finds his way up first. He is clutching his stomach. Blaze then realizes that sonny is in the corner and runs up to give him a dropkick, but Sonny moves out of the way. Blaze gets up slowly clutching his left leg. Sonny seems a opening and giving blaze "Heaven's Calling". Blaze sits there unconscious in the middle of the ring. Sonny sees that blaze is out and climbs up to the turnbuckle. He taunts the fans and then gives blaze his finisher "Falling In Reverse" he goes for the pin.

One ... Two ... Thr...

But Blaze some how kick out! Sonny sits there in shock as he thought this match was over. Sonny now looking pissed picks blaze up but blaze gets sonny in a school boy pin

One ... Two ...

But Sonny kicks out, Blaze still clutching his leg attempts to pick up sonny and deliver a superkick but Sonny moves out of the way and delivers his "Heroin Injection" The referee sees that blaze is knocked out cold from the sleeper hold and rings the bell.


Sonny releases to hold and smirks as the ref pushes him away from blazes unconscious body. Sonny exits the ring and looks up at the titantron as he sees his name advance. He whispers something but the camera could not pick up what he said.


Drake Kanen walks out to Superstar, standing on the stage wearing his ring gear, a leather jacket (kind of like Miz's), and a pair of Aviator's. He stands there looking at the stage, before taking off his aviator's and throwing them to the side, sometimes into the fans and sometimes not. He then walks down the ramp, before sliding into the ring and standing in the center, holding his arms out wide to soak in the thunderous mixed reactions of the audience. As soon as he enters the ring, Moving hits the P.A. and Mike Cole struts down to the ring. The fans stop cheering as Jacob Steele steps onto the ramp. He stands there impatiently, waiting for his music to hit. After a few moments, he flips out and walks down to the ring, with Mike Cole's theme still playing. Superstar starts and the fans erupt in boo's and ''YOU SUCK'' chants. Just as the song explodes, Chris jumps out of the entrance, does a sarcastic bow for the ''fans'' and straightens with both arms in the air. He then walks to the right, enters and does the same arm pose in the corner. The anticipation is building as the four competitors in the ring stare each other down. Suddenly, Weezer begins playing to the pleasure of the fans as Chance Davis walks out onto the ramp, pointing down at the competitors in the ring before strutting down to the ring and sliding in gracefully. A heavy feel of tension can be felt as the five men await for the last person in this match to make his way to the ring. Austin Cross steps out onto the stage, his signature Machine-Gun shirt hanging off his torso. He tucks his chin into his chest, nodding along to his theme. Suddenly, his arms shoot out to the ring as pyro shoots across the stage behind him. Cross struts down to the ring, slapping hands, still nodding along to the song. He slides into the ring gracefully, runs and rebounds off the ropes before climbing up a turnbuckle, his arms outstretched to the fans. He pulls off his shirt and throws it into the crowd.

The bell rings and chaos erupts as everyone piles into the middle of the ring, punching and pounding whoever they can reach. Austin Cross goes directly at Mike Cole, who is kicking a downed Kanen in the corner. Cross gets ambushed by Jacob Steele, and the two start brawling around the ring as Mike Cole continues his assault on Drake Kanen. Chris Watson, who is trying to avoid everyone, gets blindsided by Chance Davis and tossed over the top rope and down onto concrete floor.

Chance Davis then turns around and delivers an enzuigiri kick to the side of Mike Cole's head, temporarily halting the attack on Kanen. Temporarily, because Chance Davis lifts Kanen up into a suplex position. Austin Cross and Jacob Steele notice this, nod, and deliver low dropkicks to the back of Davis' knees. This makes him collapse and drop Kanen, who lands awkwardly in the corner. Jacob notices this and dives at him, trying to knock him off. He succeeds, and sends Kanen spiraling to the outside, but also eliminates himself. He barely manages to grab hold of the top rope, his feet barely above the floor. A bitter Drake tries to pull him down, but gets his clock cleaned by Steele's boot. As Jacob tries to pull himself up, however, Austin Cross kicks his arm, dropping him down to the floor.

The three remaining competitors circle around each other, bouncing lightly on their feet as they move around. Chance Davis points at Austin Cross, and then to Mike Cole. They both nod, then deliver punches to Cole, knocking him flat to the floor. Cross turns and back to Davis and they lock-up, pretty evenly, until Austin rakes his eye. Davis lets go and turns around, and Cross low blows him. AC takes some time to rile up the crowd by climbing to the top rope and throwing up the Cross sign, getting a big pop from the crowd. He climbs down and over to Mike Cole, who is pulling himself up using the ropes. As Austin pulls him up, however, Mike Cole delivers a sold punch to his gut, doubling Cross over. Cole takes his chance and wraps his arms around his waist, flinging him backwards with a huge German Suplex! The crowd is stunned as Cross hits the mat with a huge slamming noise, confused whether or not to boo or cheer. They don't have to think for long, though, because as Mike Cole stares at the downed Cross, Davis gets to his feet. He rushes over to Mike, grabbing him and delivering a brainbuster. He gets excited as the fans cheer and runs over to the turnbuckle, climbing with haste. The fans chant LAST CHANCE as he prepares himself and then leaps. He lands on Cole with a satisfying slam, which also took a lot out of him. He stands up, holding his gut, only to be hit by a clothesline from Austin Cross. Austin lifts him and stuffs his head between his legs, lifting him up for a powerbomb. Chance starts freaking out, wailing his arms about as Cross approaches the ropes and his intentions become evident. Austin tries to toss him over, but Chance won't go without a fight. He whips Austin over with him, but grabs hold on the rope at the last second, only sending Cross to the floor. He pulls himself back onto the apron, wiping his mouth and staring at Cross, surprised he stayed in. Not for too long, however, because just before he turned to climb back into the ring, Mike Cole delivers a big Cole Finale, pulling Chance down onto the ropes and launching him to the ringside, sprawling him to the floor.

Moving begins playing as Mike Cole raises his arms in victory, screaming BEST TO EVER LIVE as the fans begin the Mike Cole chant.


The bell rings, and they lock up. Riddick goes right to a side headlock, before flipping DeAngelo over his side with a picture perfect takeover. Quick cover, and…
Mason rolls to his feet, scowling at his moment of weakness. He runs at Riddick, ducks a clothesline, and springboards off the ropes with a huge dropkick, right to the skull of Mercer. Instead of going for the cover though, DeAngelo jumps straight to the turnbuckle and calls for Mercer to stand up. Riddick slowly rises to his feet, and DeAngelo dives off the ropes with a clothesline attempt, but runs straight into a huge European uppercut from Mercer, right in mid-air!
DeAngelo’s on the floor, writhing in pain, as Riddick stands in the corner. He points at Mason with the double barrel pistol taunt as he struggles to get up, a fires away before scooping him up and going for the Skyfall!
But as he’s swinging around, Mason’s boot “accidentally” hit the ref in the skull! Skyfall connects, and Riddick covers, but the ref is out! Riddick goes over to the ref and tries to get him up. The ref turns away and grabs the rope to pull himself up, just as DeAngelo sneaks up behind Mercer and lands a low blow from behind! Riddick starts to crumple, but Mason spins him around, and hits a huge Prime Time Slam! The ref hears the impact and turns around, just in time to dive down and count…

Your winner, Mason DeAngelo!


Ring announcer - This match is set for one fall! Please welcome from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 210 pounds he is THE DARK ANGEELLL!!

("Bad Behaviour" blast trough the Frank Erwin Center. The Wrestling Syndication fans boo'ed at The Dark Angel as he enters the arena, Looking at all the fans he makes his way down to the ring with Lust, who is smiling. They enter the ring together and look up at the entrance ramp waiting on Dean Wolfe to enter the arena.)

Ring announcer: And his opponent, from Hells, Kitchen New York, weighing in at 225 pounds he is "MEAN" DEAN WOLFEEEEE!!

("Always Something" by Cage The Elephant blast trough the Frank Erwin Center, Dean Wolfe enters the arena wearing his Black "New World Disorder" shirt and his vintage leather jacket. The Austin crowd has mixed reactions towards Dean Wolfe, some of the younger fans boo'ing and some of the older fans cheering him on. As he makes his way towards the ring he slaps some hands and slides into the ring, and poses on the top rope before making eye contact with The Dark Angel. He looks at the ref and waits for the ref to start the match)

The bell rings as Dean Wolfe and Dark Angel face each other, Dean runs towards him and Dark Angel counters with an armdrag. He then runs towards Dean and hits a running dropkick. He irish whips him into the turnbuckle and looks to hit the running elbow but Dean moves out of the way and as Dark Angel's elbow hits the turnbuckle Dean does a rollup.


Dark Angel barely kicks out, and he gets up just to recieve an enzuiguiri by Dean. Dark Angel is laying down on the mat, Dean goes up to the top rope and attemps to do a moonsault but Dark Angel moves out of the way! Dean is stunned and Dark Angel lifts him up and goes for his finishing manouver the Kamikaze Krash and it connects! Dark Angel goes for the pin....


Dean kicks out and Dark Angel can't believe it, he goes to the turnbuckle and removes the tunbuckle's pad because of his frustration, he turns around and Dean pushes him and Dark Angel hits the exposed turnbuckle! Dean runs toward the ropes, bounces back and connects with the Clothesline from Hell! Dark Angel is out as Dean goes for the cover....


Ring Announcer: And your winner! DEANNN WOLFEEE

(Dean makes a sadistic smile, looking at Lust and licking his lips. He picks up The Dark Angel and trows him over the top rope. He then sits down in the middle of the ring, and smiles as he sees his name advance in the tournament)


The bell rings and Zeke and Randy are going to start the match.

They start punching each other as Zeke gets the upper-hand. He irish whips Randy into the ropes, he bounces back and Zeke does a spinebuster on Reaume! He lifts him up and connects with the powerbomb! Zeke goes for the cover on Randy.


Zeke tries to suplex Randy but he gets out of it and runs into his tag partner who he tags in. Phillips enters dashing to the ring and connects with the dropkicks on Nero. He runs towards the ropes, bounces back and hits Nero with a shining wizard! Phillips is on fire! While he is taunting the crowd Zeke starts to crawl trying to tag in Alex Jester, Phillips notices this and he grabs Zeke's lag and drags him back into the center of the ring. Phillips applies an elevated boston crab to Zeke as he screams in pain. Alex Jester quickly gets in the ring and breaks the hold. Randy also enters the ring and hits Jester with a clothesline knocking him out of he ring. Randy's distracted and Nero grabs him from behind and does his finishing manouver the Vital Sign! Zeke turns around and Phillips kicks him on the left side and the on the right side and follows it up with a roundhouse kick! Nero's out as Phillips goes for the cover.


Phillips starts arguing with the ref telling him that was a slow count. Zeke Nero strikes from behind with a rollup!


Phillips barely kicks out as he gets up Zeke Nero tries to go for the Vital Sign again but Phillips pushes him into the corner, Alex Jester does a blind tag to Zeke. Phillips doesn't notice this as he's still going for Zeke, Alex Jester strikes him from behind with the Annihilation elbow! He goes for the cover.

One....Two......And Randy breaks up the pin!

Zeke Nero gets in the ring just to recieve a #PRODIGY from Randy Reaume, Jester runs towards him and hits an Annihilation elbow! He turns around and Phillips kicks him right in the head! Alex Jester is down and Phillip Phillips goes top rope. This can only mean one thing. Phillips jumps from the top rope and connects with the Crash & Burn!!! Phillip Phillips goes for the pin, looking to get the win.



"In The City" By Kevin Rudolf starts to play. The fans all bust out into cheering for the fan Favorite of the match. Xavier Serikaz walks out from the backstage area and begins to make his way to the ring. Xavier then climbs into the ring and awaits the entrance of Hass Johnson. Just then "Remember The Name" - Fort Minor starts to play over the arena. Hass then storms out and goes to both sides of the stage (like Edge) as the crowd cheers and he gives a shout to the Hassholes. He stops at the center of the stage and does The Miz'spose while pyros blast off next to him and proceeds to walk down the ramp, high fiving the Hassholes and occasionally he signs someone's sign of him. He enters the ring the way The Miz does and he poses on the turnbuckle and when he's done, he throws his shirt into the crowd.

"Well, this is our main event of the first ever RAGE event. We have the main from Saint Paul, Minnesota, he is Xavier Serikaz. And the challenger, he stands from Boston, Massachusetts, he is Hass Johnson!"

The fans begin to cheer, for both men as both chants for Xavier and Hass can be heard. Both men lock up. Hass lunches Xavier off into the ropes and trys to closeline him. Xavier dodges it and comes back with a spinning Wheelkick. Hass is laying on the ground Xavier walks over and begins to pick him up. Xavier picks him up and then the dazed Hass is hit with Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Xavier then tunts to the fans.

"Well, it looks like Xavier has this match in the bag."

As Xavier is tunting Hass comes to his feet. Hass then Spike DDT's Xavier and takes control. While Xavier is laying on the mat Hass then grabs Xavier and locks him into the Boston Crab. Xavier fights the hold but does not brake it. Xavier is locked into the hold. Xavier then reverse the move and lunches Hass into a turnbuckle. Xavier then grabs Hass and hits the Lights Out DDT. He picks him back up and then hits the Enigmatic Piledriver and goes for the pin.




"The Winner Of The Match, and moves on to the next round. XAVIER SERIKAZ!!!"

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