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 Tag Team Match

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Chance Davis
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Tag Team Match Empty
PostSubject: Tag Team Match   Tag Team Match EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 9:57 pm

The bell rings and Zeke and Randy are going to start the match.

They start punching each other as Zeke gets the upper-hand. He irish whips Randy into the ropes, he bounces back and Zeke does a spinebuster on Reaume! He lifts him up and connects with the powerbomb! Zeke goes for the cover on Randy.


Zeke tries to suplex Randy but he gets out of it and runs into his tag partner who he tags in. Phillips enters dashing to the ring and connects with the dropkicks on Nero. He runs towards the ropes, bounces back and hits Nero with a shining wizard! Phillips is on fire! While he is taunting the crowd Zeke starts to crawl trying to tag in Alex Jester, Phillips notices this and he grabs Zeke's lag and drags him back into the center of the ring. Phillips applies an elevated boston crab to Zeke as he screams in pain. Alex Jester quickly gets in the ring and breaks the hold. Randy also enters the ring and hits Jester with a clothesline knocking him out of he ring. Randy's distracted and Nero grabs him from behind and does his finishing manouver the Vital Sign! Zeke turns around and Phillips kicks him on the left side and the on the right side and follows it up with a roundhouse kick! Nero's out as Phillips goes for the cover.


Phillips starts arguing with the ref telling him that was a slow count. Zeke Nero strikes from behind with a rollup!


Phillips barely kicks out as he gets up Zeke Nero tries to go for the Vital Sign again but Phillips pushes him into the corner, Alex Jester does a blind tag to Zeke. Phillips doesn't notice this as he's still going for Zeke, Alex Jester strikes him from behind with the Annihilation elbow! He goes for the cover.

One....Two......And Randy breaks up the pin!

Zeke Nero gets in the ring just to recieve a #PRODIGY from Randy Reaume, Jester runs towards him and hits an Annihilation elbow! He turns around and Phillips kicks him right in the head! Alex Jester is down and Phillip Phillips goes top rope. This can only mean one thing. Phillips jumps from the top rope and connects with the Crash & Burn!!! Phillip Phillips goes for the pin, looking to get the win.

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Tag Team Match
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