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 Drake Kanen contract

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Drake Kanen
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Drake Kanen contract   Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:35 pm

[center]Wrestler Name: Draken Kanen (cane-N)
Nickname(s):The Silver Lining
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Picture Base:Corey Graves
Height & Weight: 6'1", 220 lbs.
Entrance Music: Superstar by Saliva
Entrance Description(Optional):
Kanen walks out to Superstar, standing on the stage wearing his ring gear, a leather jacket (kind of like Miz's), and a pair of Aviator's. He stands there looking at the stage, before taking off his aviator's and throwing them to the side, sometimes into the fans and sometimes not. He then walks down the ramp, before sliding into the ring and standing in the center, holding his arms out wide to soak in the thunderous mixed reactions of the audience.

Face/Tweener/Heel: Tweener
Style of Wrestling: Powerhouse, brawling, hardcore
Favorite Match: Hardcore/Street fight
Favorite Weapon: Handcuffs, 3 and a hlaf foot piece of PVC pipe, coated in finely broken class

Common Moves:
(10 or more)
Various kicks (drop, shoot, back, tornado)
spinning neckbreaker
kneeling powerbomb
Sidewinder suplex
Jumping Leg Drop
spear(full on like goldberg's or rhyno's not weak like christians)
Baseball slide under the legs of a charging opponent, followed by a running jumping lariat
Scorpio bomb (powerbomb facebuster) (tribute to Cole Scorpio)
Stalling suplex slam (stalling jackhammer)
Multiple elbows to the abdomen of an opponent in the corner
Signature Moves: (
Moves that usually set up the big finisher, up to 3)

Devil lock DDT(locks in the kimura immediately after impact)
Running leg lariat to the opponent in the tree of woe (lands sitting on the bottom rope with one leg across the opponent's chest and the other outside the rope)
(hardcore only) Opponent's hands handcuffed behind him (to the turnbuckle, rope, random post, w/e) followed by repeated kicks to the abdomen or repeated shots with the glass-covered pipe, ending with a shoot kick to the skull

Finishing Move(s):
Police Brutality (canadian backbreaker hold flipped forward into a ddt)
Kanen kick (Roundhouse kick to the skull)
Solitary (Kimura Lock)

Gimmick/Background: (We are going to need a gimmick or background for your wrestler in order for you to be accepted)
Drake Kanen was a young wrestler trying to make a name for himself, going so far as to get a try-out match with the WWE. But then one day he tried to rescue a girl from being raped, by a man who turned out to be a cop. The corrupt officer had Drake arrested, and charged with assaulting a police officer. This led to Drake's hatred of police, and other authority figures. He believes they are all corrupt. Now that he is out, he's come back to wrestling with a new dont-take-shit attitude, ready to make his name in the business again.

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Chance Davis
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Re: Drake Kanen contract   Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:54 pm

Welcome, You are accepted Very Happy
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Drake Kanen contract
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