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PostSubject: Scorpio Boredio   Scorpio Boredio EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 3:22 am

Cole Scorpio and his bodyguard Ultra Destroyer are seen backstage walking around aimlessly. Ultra is dressed in his ring attire from back when he actually wrestled, and Cole is wearing a Detroit Tigers T-Shirt with jeans and sunglasses.

Cole: Ugh, I've been so bored since me and Aidan beat Austin and Dom. I feel like my life has no real purpose.

Ultra: Isn't that a bit extreme sir?

Ultra, you just don't understand. Maybe someday you'll be bored, and know what I'm talking about. And what did I say about calling me sir?

You said to call you Cole sir.

I hired you to protect me from the idiots who call themselves wrestlers in this company. Like Austin Cross, or Alfred, or that midget. Not to call me a formal name.

Sorry sir, won't happen again sir.

Riiiiiiight. Anyway, back to our goal Ultra: finding some Sirens. Ladies are gonna remember remember the month of november when I'm done with them!

Don't understand the reference sir.

Doesn't matter Ultra, I hear someone. Might be some ladies! Put on your gameface buddy, we are getting LAAAID tonight!


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PostSubject: Re: Scorpio Boredio   Scorpio Boredio EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 12:56 pm

Michael London walks up to Cole Scorpio and his manager Ultra before they can go any further followed behind him was his manager Canidie. Michael London looks up and down at Cole Scorpio and his manager Ultra. Then before he could speak Canidie whispered something in Michael London's ear and begins to laugh. Then Michael London shook his head and then begins to speak to Cole Scorpio.
Mchael London
Ah, Cole I enjoyed your match last week. Congratgulations on your first win on AWO.
Michael London and Canidie claps for Cole Scorpio on his successful debut.
Michael London
I hope to see you progress here in AWO, just look at me I'm the number one contender for the AWO World Heavyweigtht Championship, and soon you will be looking at the very first world champion in this company.
Michael London grins at showing off his main event status to Scorpio.
Michael London
I hope you enjoyed my commentary as well and my two matches that I've already had here. You can plainly see that I'm a very BIG DEAL here in this company. People actually look up to me, and aspire to be great as me one day and just look at me, I'm 21 years of age, I'm not even at my prime yet but I still aspire others to do great things.
Canidie nods in agreement with every word that Michael London has said thus far in the conversation.
TBC: Cole Scorpio or Canidie
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PostSubject: Re: Scorpio Boredio   Scorpio Boredio EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 4:24 pm

Cole looks at Michael and giggles

Listen up Mickie Liverpool or whatever you said your name is. I'm better than you. This isn't just me randomly insulting you, this is me telling you an absolute fact. That you're in a world title match and I'm not, is an abomination of the word championship. Now during my debut match, I gave serious thought to coming out of the ring and beating the holy hell out of you, in an effort to replace you at the PPV. Luckily for you, I was feeling nice. I'm not feeling so nice right now Michael, and neither is my associate.

Ultra steps up and does the throat slit taunt

So unless you want to feel the wrath of the single best wrestler in the history of the universe, I suggest you take a hike. And take your manager with you, yuch.

Cole shoos Michael away

Ugh, Ultra, where are all the Sirens at?

Sir, I'm pretty sure they all went back to their hotels for the night. In fact, I think we're the last two people here.

Oh. Well, let's head back then. Unless you want to set fire to the stadium or something I guess...

Sir, I just want to get to bed.
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