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 Money in the Bank 2011 Review.

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Mike Cole
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PostMoney in the Bank 2011 Review.

It's been a year (I think) since the last Money in the Bank PPV happened and since MITB'12 is this Sunday I decided to look back to the past and review last year's MITB.

Let's get started.

Daniel Bryan def Heat Slater, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Kane, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes to win the SmackDown MITB Briefcase.

First of all, this match was awesome. From beggining to end it was really fast paced and it had some good spots too. Sin Cara going through a ladder, Slater doing a neckbreaker from the top of the ladder and Sheamus chokeslaming Sheamus into a ladder are some of the great spots this match had. Daniel Bryan winning was also a shocker since he was a jobber back then and no one (As far as I'm concerned) expected him to win. Overall this match was great and the ending was unpredictable which is always a good thing.

Match Rating: ****

Kelly Kelly def Brie Bella to retain the Divas Championship.

Ok this match was just complete shit, that's all I have to say.

Match Rating: *

Mark Henry def Big Show.

I didn't expect much of this match and I'm sure most of you didn't either and in the end well the match was what I expected it to be. Slow and boring. Luckily this match was short and since it was Big Show and Mark Henry I'll go easy on this one. Not a good match but it won't make you want to kill yourself.

Match Rating: **1/2

Alberto del Rio def Alex Riley, R-Truth, The Miz, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio to win the RAW MITB Briefcase.

This is where the show got great since the 2 matches that no one cared about were done all that the PPV had left was greatness. This match was as good as the opener, good spots and fast paced. This one was shorter too and it felt more fast paced than the SD one. Only problem that I have with this is not the actual match but the winner of it. Del Rio didn't really need the briefcase and well he did a whole lot of nothing in this match, like nothing at all. There was a point when it looked like Miz injured his knee but in the end he got back in the match so everything was cool. Overall this match was very good.

Match Rating: ****

Christian def Randy Orton via DQ to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

This match (Just like every Christian/Orton one) was good though it wasn't one of the best this 2 put. So the stipulation to this match was that if Randy Orton got DQ'ed or counted out Christian would win the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian did play the role of the coward heel well in this match, trying to get Orton DQ'ed several times. I would've liked to see Christian pinning Orton but either way I was happy to see Christian win a World Title again. So good match but not the best one out of the Orton/Christian saga.

Match Rating: ***1/2

CM Punk def John Cena to win the WWE Championship.

Now this match, this match was the one everyone was looking foward to. It had a great build-up and a great storyline. I'm sure everyone remembers this but I'll still sum it up. So basically CM Punk's contract was running out and he didn't renew (Or atleast not that we knew) so if he won the WWE Championship he would leave with it. This caused CM Punk to be "suspended" but Cena wanted to have the match so he made Vince do it and well he did it under one condition, if Cena lost he'd be fired. What made this match exciting is that one just didn't know what would happen, the possibilities were endless and we were excited.

First of all the crowd was just amazing, CM Punk chants all over the place and almost everyone boo'ed Cena. Match started off slow but after 5-10 minutes it became the best shit ever the crowd was even more alive and Cena fans grew some balls and started chanting for Cena even if more than half of the crowd was against him. There were some cool moves in this match like when CM Punk hit Cena with a high knee while he was on the ropes or when Cena reversed the GTS into a STF that would get countered into a Anaconda Vice. CM Punk also looked incredibly strong in this match getting out of 2 STFs and kicking out of 2 AAs. The end of this match came when CM Punk finally managed to hit the GTS to John Cena but he fell out of the ring, Punk got out of the ring and put Cena back in the ring but when that happened Vince came out and distracted him, when he got back in the ring Cena locked in the 3rd STF of the match, seeing this Vince called for the bell to ring, Cena noticed this punched Johnny Ace and told Vince "Not this way", Cena got back in the ring just to receive another GTS which gave Punk the victory.

The crowd was going wild and while Punk was celebrating in the ring Vince called for Del Rio to cash in (Which some people predicted to happen.) Del Rio came running to the ring just to get kicked in the head by Punk. After this Punk exited the ring, blew a kiss to McMahon and left the arena.

In conclusion this match was just fantastic, best WWE match of 2011 and it's better than any WWE match of 2012. Both Punk and Cena gave out their best and it paid off and the winner of that were us, the wrestling fans. Lots of people say that Punk carried Cena but obviously that's a lie. There wasn't a single moment in the one I saw that Cena couldn't keep up with Punk.

Match Rating: *****

Overall Money in the Bank 2011 was a great PPV, sure we got a terrible match and a bad one but all the other ones made up for them. Now with Money in the Bank comming up this Sunday, do I expect it to be better than this one? No. While Bryan/Punk could possibly be better than Cena/Punk all the other matches don't look so good (Specially the WWE Championship MITB) and well I just don't think it will be as great as this one. I could be wrong, maybe the matches will be great but as for now it doesn't look like it. Money in the Bank 2011 was possibly the best WWE PPV of the year and worth the money I didn't pay.

Overall Rating: ****

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Money in the Bank 2011 Review. :: Comments

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Money in the Bank 2011 Review.

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