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 Blaze Griffin promo

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Blaze Griffin
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PostSubject: Blaze Griffin promo   Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:18 pm

We come back to see Blaze Griffin sitting in the seats in an empty arena, looking down at the ring from above. He turns to the camera, and speaks in a low voice.

Tonight, I have to tag with Red Weymouth against Nicole Hunt, and Alex Jester himself. Anyone else would be nervous. I mean, I’m going against, the light of the night, one of the main guys in our company. And I’m not forgetting about Nicole. I know many are underestimating her, but I have a feeling she may be the more dangerous one in this match. She’s going to have some tricks up her sleeve, I’m sure. But I’ll be ready for them.

And my partner, Red, is in his debut match tonight. He may be good, he may be great, or he may suck royally. I have no clue, and that should make me nervous as hell. But it doesn’t. And there’s two reasons for that.
One, I’m confident in my abilities as a wrestler. It may be a tough match, but I know for a fact that I will give it my damned best to win. And second, next week I will be locked in a Hell in a Cell with Randall Reaume, one of the top guys in our company. I can’t let myself be nervous about anything, because if I do, it’ll lead to nerves about that too. And I can’t let that happen.

As of now, I am calm, cool, and preparing to prove that I can be the champion, that I can be the best. And I’m not going to let nerves, Alex Jester, Nicole Hunt, or anyone else on the roster ruin that mindset. So Alex, Nicole, good luck tonight. It’s going to be a hell of a match, and may the best men…. I mean, the best team, win. And Red, I hope I can count on you man.

Blaze turns and stares at the ceiling, and the cameras focus on him before slowly fading away to the WEW logo.
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Blaze Griffin promo
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