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Mason DeAngelo
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Vengeance    Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:44 pm

Nightmare hits and Mason's pyro goes off. He sprints out from behind the curtains, much more energetic than he was last week, and the trademark grin played on his face. He danced around the entrance of the ramp for a few moments, playing to the crowd and trying to get reactions out of them, the boo's in the stadium were overwhelming. He kept grinning and then made his way down the ring.

He actively avoided touching any of the fans, he was better than them after all, and he saw a kid wearing a Mason DeAngelo t-shirt and he stopped. He stared at the kid for a few moments, making it look like he was going to acknowledge him, and then he turned his head and continued to the ring. He slid into the ring and jumped up, throwing his hands into the air, and spinning in circles letting the boo's wash over him. After a few more moments, he made his way to the side of the ring, and asked for a mic.



The boo's started back up, even stronger than before, and he did not speak until they started to quiet down again.


"I have seen some real shit holes in my day, but your town takes the cake for the shittiest city in California. The women are ugly pretentious bitches, the men are overweight fucking slobs, and the children... well they are the end result of a one night stand in the bathroom of some rinky dink piece of shit social gathering you fatasses call a club."

Again they popped and Mason smiled even broader.


"Since we are on the topic of pieces of shit we might as well bring up my opponent this evening. Brandon Bash, the man who enjoys inflicting pain on others, the man who uses psychological techniques to try and get into the head of his opponents. Please, Brandon, do you really think that is going to work on me? The greatest wrestler of all time, the Prime Time Superstar, Mason DeAngelo? I did not become the peak of physical condition by being scared. I did not become the most feared man in wrestling by being scared. I became who I am today because every man who has stepped before me has fallen by my hand. Many have stepped into the ring to try and defeat me, and they have all fallen. I am sure you might want to bring up the match in which you interfered in, hm? Well then let me rephrase my words, I have never been pinned in my entire career, and you will certainly not be the first ol mister Bash."

"You are just like every other man who has stepped into the ring and fallen before me. Do you think your credentials are something I should be worried about? If anything you should be worried about MY credentials. Let's go over them shall we? I am a former 3 time NCAA wrestling champion, the proclaimed best young wrestler the WEW has to offer, I have been in more multi wrestling matches than ANY other WEW superstar and I have never been pinned, and last but not least: I am going to be WEW's first ever Revelation champion come next week. You are nothing but a has been who is skimming by on no more than a wing and a prayer. I can respect that you have the balls to stand up to me, you have to, you would be a dissapointment to not only your fans but to yourself. You see I know you do not want to admit it, but I am the future, and the quicker you get your mind wrapped around that, the less painful this is going to be. The WEW did not invest as much as they did into me for nothing! They know my abilities and so does everybody in this arena tonight. As much as they do not want it, as much as they can hope and they can plead, they know I am going to win. They know that I am physically superior to you in every way and there is no way in hell you could possibly dream of coming out of this match with a win."

"And tonight will be a precursor to what is to come at Genesis, because much like at Genesis, tonight I will pin you for the one, two three. The bell will ring and I will have my hand raised by the ref. The only way you are going to win is if you can kill me Brandon, so you better be ready to take a life tonight because if you aren't, you will fall just like every man before you. I am the latest and I am the greatest. Every time my music hits, everyone knows, IT'S PRIME TIME!"

His music hits and he tosses the mic into the crowd before dancing around the ring. He keeps his smirk played on his face for a few more moments before he exits the ring.
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