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 Siblings....[OD Rp 1]

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Nicole Hunt

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PostSubject: Siblings....[OD Rp 1]   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:01 am

It is a sexy day in Oahu Hawaii. You are walking upon the beaches, smiling and enjoying the sand between your toes when you see a familiar woman laying across the beach in her pink and black pinstriped bikini. You keep walking and happen to over hear the conversation between this woman and the gentleman right beside her. You walk up the hill behind the two and sit down on the hill about two feet behind them. Not far enough to where you lose the ability to overhear the conversation, but enough to be out of the line of sight. You look out over the horizon as the sun beats down upon your white shirt.
"I can't really believe this Timothy. I got signed to Warfare Entertainment Wrestling. I can fight the guys and actually prove myself to everyone." The gentleman sighed and looked down at the sand. You remember now the conversation with the woman and you come to realize that the woman is Nicole Hunt, newest member to the Warfare Entertainment Wrestling roster. The gentleman looked over at the woman and fixed his sunglasses to where they were back on his face. "Don't lose sight of what is really going to happen though. The men in the company may take advantage of you and you have to be prepared for that sister. I don't want you to end up in a royal fuck up like you did when you were known as Nicoli Hunt okay?" Nicole winced as she remembered what her brother was talking about. Three years ago, Nicole was known in the wrestling business as Nicoli Hunt 'The Divine Huntress' and she was in a brutal battle where her left knee was nearly shattered and her career was almost ended. Nicole stood up from the sand and brushed off the sand from her shorts. You fixed your sunglasses and stretched your legs across the sand. "I know that brother. I remember the last company I was in...they didn't care about me. They only cared about ratings. That is different now. Care to come and help me pack Timothy? I would love nothing more than some more advice from my big brother." Timothy stood up as well and smiled at his sister. He took her hand and she took his. "Yep sis. I would love nothing more than to join you. I can give you all my tips and tricks. Especially since I would like to actually see you win your first match." The pair began walking towards Nicole's house, talking about her first match, and the past.

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Siblings....[OD Rp 1]
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