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 Better than Alex Jester.

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Mike Cole
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Better than Alex Jester.   Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:03 pm

The lights suddenly go off as it looks like a man is standing on the ramp, he lights up his jacket and does his signature pose.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction between cheers and boos but he then turns back as the lights go on again.

The crowd highly booes as they expected Alex Jester to come out, Cole has a smirk on his face as he makes his way into the ring. Cole grabs a mic and starts talking.

Mike Cole
.....I got all you there right? (Cole starts laughing) I honestly didn't think you would fall for it, did you all seriously think I was Alex Jester? Looks like you are the idiots I always thought you were. But the reason I did this is to show everyone of you that anyone can be Alex Jester, just use a flashy jacket and start saying idiotic stuff like "Now I'm gonna go paint pictures of penguins." and there you go, you're just like Alex Jester!

Now I have alot of stuff to get out of the chest when it comes to talking about Alex Jester. First of all you're insulting my theme song, ok I guess you don't like it but hey atleast I don't use generic crap. Second, you say that I look just like a loser, well buddy I think you should look at yourself in the mirror because unlike you, I don't have disgustingly long hair and the chicks just dig my amazing hair-cut.

But enough about looks and theme songs, that stuff is the less important when it comes to wrestling, and the most important thing you need to have to become a succesful wrestler are: Skill and charisma. Two of the things I obviously have and also two of the things that Alex Jester doesn't have. I'm going to be real with you when I tell you that Alex Jester has the charisma of a brick! and as for skill well what can I say? Alex Jester has less skill than a dead cat.

And trust me when I tell you that everyone in this locker room besides maybe for Phillip Phillips and Randy Reaume are better than you Jester, everyone in this arena knows it and they also know that I'm the most talented wrestler in here, I was the star of H.E.E.L. and everyone knows that. I should be in the World Title match with my former buddies but as you all know I got screwed out of my match thanks to a bad call from the ref, I clearly kicked out of the Voltage Kick but he didn't notice and who had to pay the price for that? I had to and now thanks to that I'm facing nobodies like Alex Jester and Randy Reaume, next thing is that someone will tell me I'm facing Phillips.

At the end of the night, the man that you call an "Idiotic loser" is going to beat you fair and square in about 10 seconds and I know that I will do that because well, I'm the best wrestler to ever live! Even if you haven't realized it yet but trust day you will and that day will be the one I become World Champion! I'll do it before Alex Jester of course because well he's never going to win a World Title!

So Jester, see you at Saturday Night Overdrive I will actually go on to wish you luck, because luck is for losers and you'll be declared the loser of our match after I hit the Cole Finale on you and I'm 100% sure I will win this match just for a simple fact and that fact is that I'm better than you!

Cole drops the mic and exits the ring with a smirk on his face he then walks down the ramp as the camera fades dark.

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Better than Alex Jester.
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