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 The Reaper's hopes

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PostSubject: The Reaper's hopes   Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:57 pm

The scene opens up to Daniel Creed in what looked to be in a run down gym, alone. Little bits of sunlight peeked through the dusty veil and playfully danced along the ground and the morning clouds rolled by. Loud thuds echoed through the nearly empty gym as Daniel Creed’s fists pounded away on the old punching bag. He could feel beads of sweat forming on his forehead, but he didn’t even notice.

All week long he only had one thing on his mind…losing. For the past two weeks, his matches have been cake walks. Even though he had left the arena victorious both times, the rush of winning always came with a touch of emptiness. It almost seem like nether of his opponents were even there.

His father once told him that a man was only as good as the men he fought. The lesson played through Creed’s head over and over again. He knew that WEW had far better fighters in its ranks and that one day he would get his chance to duke it out with the “big boys.” That’s a day he couldn’t wait for, but he knew he had to be ready. Unfortunately, his last two opponents had done nothing to help that. Now his hopes laid on the Brit who would love to make him tap, Mr. Jim Bexley.

Like his last two challengers, he hadn’t heard much on Bexley. All Creed knew was the fact that he was one crazy British bastard who called himself “The Diamond.” It wasn’t much to go on but Creed was ready for anything. He was going to hear that bell ring right before the ref held up his had and the crowd chanted his name once again. He just hopped that this “The Diamond’ would actually shine and give the fans a reason to burst into insanity. Daniel wanted a challenge and he knew the WEW universe wanted the same thing.

The thuds became louder and louder as the Reaper’s punches became harder and harder. He felt a small spark of frustration build inside of him on that thought. Daniel wasn’t a fool, he knew that, one day, it would be his back on the mat as the referee counted to three. Unlike some of the other wrestlers in the locker rooms, he was fully aware of his vulnerability. When that day came though, he wouldn’t go down without giving everyone the best damn show of there lives. With one final punch, Daniel Creed walked away with a fire in his eyes that Bexley couldn’t even hope to put out. Creed knew he was going to lose…just not this time.

The scene ends with the ruins once again abandoned with nothing but the sound form the swaying punching bag to keep the ghosts company.
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The Reaper's hopes
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