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 Future of the Company.

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Mike Cole
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PostSubject: Future of the Company.   Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:21 pm

"Given up" hits the arena as the fans start booing, Mike Cole shows up with a mic on his hand as he makes his way to the ring, he taunts some fans in the crowd and enters the ring. Cole then starts talking.

Mike Cole
.....Alex Jester.....

Cole smiles for a second and then continues.

Alex Jester is nothing more than a coward. He thinks he's the best thing going on at the moment, the best and most talented wrestler, and that he's better than me. And as always, Alex Jester is wrong! Just like everyone that has a match with me and understemitates me, I'll prove him wrong. Randy Reaume made the exact same mistake last week and well, they never learn. Last week I did the Cole Finale to Randy Reaume, knocking him out and then I pin him, to get the win for my team. This week it will be no different because I don't even have to bother to pin Alex Jester! I only need to hit the Cole Finale one time and it will all be over.

And just when I thought Alex Jester couldn't get more pathetic, he starts making excuses of why he lost most of his matches. "Oh I lost because I was injured." My ass. He just can't handle the fact that everyone is better than him.......besides Phillip Phillips, maybe. But let's move on. Jester....all that people that you mentioned, Aidan Raider, Xavier Serikaz and Tony X. I'm better than them, I always was but everyone's too blind to notice that. I'm the best wrestler to ever live and after tonight the World will finally see that I'm better than Alex Jester in every possible way!

"No one cares about Mike Cole anymore"......That's what everyone in here thinks, no one in the locker room respects me, but they'll all see. The day I become World Champion I'll prove the whole World wrong! And all of that, my path to becoming World Champion will start tonight after I defeat Alex Jester. I'm the future of this company and everyone will realize that sooner or later!

The fans are booing Cole and start chanting "We Want Alex!".

Oh I know what y'all want. You want to see Alex Jester come down here to the ring and face me?

The crowd starts cheering after they hear that.

Well too bad, because Alex Jester is too afraid to step in the same ring as Mike Cole. So you'll have to wait until our match to see me destroy Jester.

Mike Cole exits the ring and walks up the ramp as the camera fades dark.

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Future of the Company.
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