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 The Wackness > The Whoopness

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"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky

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PostSubject: The Wackness > The Whoopness   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:05 am

The scene would open up outside of the Stoopid Monkey studios, where the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken is filmed. Wilmer Patacky could be seen standing outside the entrance doors wearing a pair of yellow slacks with a matching blazer, an orange button-up shirt underneath the blazer, and his trademark yellow and orange jester shoes on his feet. His eyes were hidden by an orange rimmed, yellow tinted pair of snowboarding goggles. As the camera man stepped closer to him, Wilmer flashed a big grin and shot two thumbs up.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Hey, mang! Wait a second...where is Greg!? Isn't he usually my camera man!?

The camera man that was not Greg shrugged his shoulders, as his name badge read "Steve."

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Your name is "Steve"? Seriously...Steve? What the hell kind of name is "Steve"?

The camera man snickered to himself, while saying under his breath, "A better name than fucking WILMER." Wilmer just shrugged to himself, not hearing what this Steve guy had just said.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Oh, well. I'll live without him. He was kinda a jerk, anyways. So...let's get started, shall we!? We are here outside of the Stoopid Monkey production building, where I will be voicing over as myself in an episode of Robot Chicken! Seth Green himself invited me on for the show, and seeing as how I have my own action figure and all...I couldn't turn this opportunity down, mang! Do you know what I sayin'!?

Wilmer had said that last sentence as if he were trying to speak in ebonics. Which kind of annoyed Steve, who was an African American. He just simply shook it off, since Greg was paying him $100 to take his place filming Wilmer's promo...and he now understood why. On the plus side, he was going to get to see how they put together an episode of Robot Chicken.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Now, Seth said we could take this little skid and use it to my advantage...since he's a big wrestling nerd, and me being one of his favorite wrestlers and all. Plus, he just loves when Jerry and I invite him to a Masturbation Nation Productions party...babes just seem to love geeky guys, surprisingly. Come on, Stan!

Steve bit his tongue before he could lash out that his name was not in fact Stan, but thought twice. He wanted in this, he now wanted to be invited to one of these parties that Wilmer spoke of. He will put up with any kind of annoyances to get invited to a porn productions party. Wilmer then opened the entrance door, and Steve followed inside...

This Week on Robot Chicken...

The scene now cut to the skit Wilmer was talking about. A toy wrestling ring could be seen, as an action figure of Robin could be seen wearing a suit that was meant for a Ken doll with a symbol similar to the Robin logo on the back, but it being a W instead of an R. A Nicole Hunt figure cold also be seen with a referee shirt on. Suddenly, random music could be heard in the background as a Wilmer Patacky action figure walked out onto the toy stage and started to pelvic thrust. Instead of a suit, however, he was dressed up like Randy Savage when he was in the nWo. Instead of "MADNESS" being read across the chest, it read "WACKNESS." And instead of black and white, it was orange and yellow.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Oh yeah! It's time to show the world that The Wackness will overcome the Whoopness, just as good always triumphs over evil! And of course, I'll be going home with the girl!

The camera angle zoomed in on the Wilmer action figures face, as it winked and flashed a big grin showing his teeth just as it does on Robot Chicken. Audio of fans cheering could be heard, as the Wilmer figure jumped up and flew into the ring from the stage.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
You're nothing compared to "The Wacky One," Whoop the Boy Wonder! For I have the Wackness flowing through my veins, and it cannot be compared to by any kind of Whoopness that you may possess!

The Whoop the Boy Wonder figure just slumped his shoulders as he had to listen to this nonsense. He suddenly ripped off Wilmer's pants and revealed the action figure was wearing a man-thong! Whoop's eyes widened, as he then began to vomit all over the Nicole Hunt action figure. Wilmer's figure placed his hands on his hips and posed like a super hero, as Nicole Hunt vomited in the background. Wilmer then kicked Whoop in the gut, hooking his head in between his legs before hooking both of his arms.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
I think it's time for...The Ultra-Mega-Super-Orgasmatic MASTURBATION MAYHEM!

The crowd gasped at this, as the Wilmer action figure jumped into the air with the Whoop action figure, doing multiple flips before landing in the ring with his knees bent in towards his chest, causing Whoop's back to crash into Wilmer's knees. The Whoop action figure broke in two, as Wilmer stood with his hands on his hips once again as the bell rang.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Well...I certainly didn't mean for that to happen. But this, I had planned all along!

As Nicole Hunt went to raise Wilmer's hand in victory, he instead dipped her down, and planted a big kiss on her. She quickly shoved him off, and sent a kick right to his groin. The Wilmer action figure fell to his knees while holding his groin in pain.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Right in the McNuggets! Only means she's digging the Wackness....OHHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!

The episode of Robot Chicken then cut to credits, and the scene re-opened back outside of the studio.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
That was INSANE! Though, I don't think that Nicole Hunt fox would be able to withstand my..."charisma," if you know what I mean, Stan. All though I would rather compete in an actual match to show off my skills instead of some joke of a match such as a tuxedo match, I still went out and got a great suit for the match. Bought quite a few, actually...actually kinda like the feel of it. And it's silk, too! But don't think that just because Robot Chicken is a show with a bunch of cool action figures, that it doesn't mean that I won't beat this Whoop the Boy Wonder. Oh, no. No matter the type of match, I will not fail to get the V in the end. And I don't just mean victory, you hear me, Nicole? I got my eye on you. You are one FOXAY LADAY!

Steve would then pan the view out some, as a cardboard cutout of Nicole Hunt could be seen standing next to Wilmer. He looked over, and acted surprised that it was there.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Oh, Nicole! You couldn't stand being away from me, you say? You could smell my testosterone and it just got you feeling all...randy, baby?

Wilmer changed his accent at the end to sound like Austin Powers, before dipping the Nicole Hunt cardboard cutout over and planting a big kiss where her lips where. After waiting about thirty seconds, and seeing that Wilmer didn't plan on stopping any time soon, Steve slowly began to back away. Once he saw Wilmer go to take off his suit jacket, the scene cut to black as Steve tried to get as far away from there as possible...
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The Wackness > The Whoopness
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