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 Just burrying the hatchet.

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PostSubject: Just burrying the hatchet.   Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:15 pm

Burn in my light starts playing, and Alex Jester makes his way down the ring, when he reaches the ringside, a bunch of fans scream "YOU SUCK MONKEY BAAAAAALLLLLSSS" Alex Jester goes towards the fans.

Alex Jester:
I wish I was an octopus, so I could slap you all at once, you brats.

He continues his way to commentary table, gets a mic, before he enters the ring, climbs up the corner and sits on the top turnbuckle before he start speaking.

Alex Jester:
I have been gone since AWO closed, but now I'm back and man have things changed! I mean, MIKE COLE HAS CHANGED HIS LOOKS!!! Oh please Mike tell me more about how will your new look make you succeed [Alex Jester smiles] Where is the man I was gonna win the world heavyweight title from? where's the man who you all cheer for every time he comes down the ring? Where's Aidan Raider? Where is the undefeated Intercontinental champion Xavier Serikaz? Where is Tony X, Kris Storm? where are the top guys of AWO? They quit! they just faded into the shadows like they were never even here, which left the chance to Mike Cole to shine, to climb the mountain and be one of the top guys in WEW, but instead he kept his weak performance, he got eliminated from the first round of the World heavyweight title tournament...I know I was eliminated from the first round as well, but I was injured at before the match, then I went into a savage triple threat match against the man who's competing for the world heavyweight title at the PPV main event and......Jason Alexandre. And after that match my injury became even worse, so I had to stay out of action for a couple of weeks, but Mike Cole had to face one man and he was fully prepared, but he still lost.

Mike Cole, I may have faded into the darkness, but now I am back and I have raised above the shadows while you are still struggling in it. Mike, I may not be one of the top faces of the company but hehehe! I will be before you even get fired! and I am absolutely more popular then you, I mean in New York City, you'll rarely meet a Mike Cole fan, because everyone there is a fan of Alex Jester. You ask a New Yorker "Oh my gosh, did you know that Mike Cole lost last night?" and he'll answer " who cares, there's a McDonalds around the corner" No one cares about Mike Cole anymore, he's a deadman and tonight I will bury that deadman.

Alex Jester gets out of the ring, walks up the ramp and heads to the backstage area.
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Just burrying the hatchet.
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